• 5 Garlic Beauty Benefits

    April 18, 20142212742541_967dd6e992_n

    While it may not be the preferred food choice of vampires, garlic has numerous benefits for us humans. I grew up on Italian food, so for me, cooking without garlic is a foreign concept.

    Here are 5 garlic beauty benefits:

    Help Your Hair Grow:
    Garlic contains high levels of allicin, a sulfur compound which has been shown to help with hair loss. If you are brave enough (and don’t mind people keeping their distance) Continue Reading…

  • American Rivers Announces Most Endangered Rivers

    April 17, 20144499895145_dc8c2ebe22

    American Rivers has recently announced America’s Most Endangered Rivers, and California’s San Joaquin River is at the top of the list. Many things have contributed to the river’s poor quality including outdated water management, droughts and more.

    The situation for the San Joaquin River is grave and American Rivers is calling on the Continue Reading…

  • Roasted Garlic Brussel Sprouts

    April 16, 20154525242038_5b9f0dbae0

    Brussel sprouts get a bad rap. While growing up, I often heard people refer to eating brussel sprouts as somewhat of a punishment. I hated them too, I have to admit. When it comes to vegetables, it really depends on how they are prepared. Eating these Roasted Garlic Brussel Sprouts will feel more like a reward instead of a punishment. In addition, they are loaded with things like folate, fiber, and antioxidants!

    Continue Reading…

  • Eoin Finn’s Earth Body Yoga DVD

    April 15, 2014EBY_rockpile_twist_AliKaukas (2)

    This past January, world renowned yogi Eoin Finn released Earth Body Yoga, a special yoga DVD that incorporates both challenging yoga poses with a powerful message about how nature nurtures and heals us in all matters of health and happiness.

    The DVD integrates deep stretching, tough poses that make you sweat, and relaxation into the technical yoga practice. It also highlights the beautiful backdrop where it is filmed, Baja, Mexico. It also shows the landscapes California, British Columbia, and Continue Reading…

  • Cool Roofs: The Green Myth about White Roofs

    April 14, 2014
    Cool Roofs are a hot topic these days with individuals and corporations looking to save energy costs.CST_AER_EPDM_JMU-GibonsHall (2) There is a lot of information available including Cool Roof savings calculators for commercial and residential roofing projects. The following eco essay by Ron Goodman, commercial roofing systems marketing manager at Carlisle SynTec provides some insights on the subject.

    The Green Myth About White Roofs
    An Eco Essay by Ron Goodman

    I have 31 years of experience working for a company that is the largest producer of both white and black commercial roofing membranes, and I want to help raise awareness of a very important environmental issue that has gone largely unreported. Continue Reading…

  • Four Green Cleaning Recipes in Honor of Earth Day

    April 11, 2014
    Natural cleaners. Vinegar, baking soda, salt and lemon.Keeping the environment in mind as we clean our homes isn’t always easy. In honor of Earth Day, April 22, Eco News Network caught up with Marie Stegner, consumer health advocate for residential cleaning leader, Maid Brigade. Here Marie shares with us her thoughts and top four green cleaning recipes with Earth Day in mind.

    Short on time and in a pinch, we all go for the cleaners that are close at hand. Marie keeps natural cleaning supplies handy at all times.

    “I encourage you to ditch your ordinary cleaning routine for a new green cleaning arsenal that’s safe for you and the environment. It’s amazing that you can safely and effectively clean your home with everyday household items like olive oil, baking soda, salt, white vinegar, and lemon,” says Stegner

    Here are Stegner’s four top green cleaning recipes to solve four common home cleaning challenges. Continue Reading…

  • Help Spread EPA’s Earth Day Message and Climate Tips

    April 10th, 20145679642883_24a2e905e0_n

    Earth Day will be celebrated on April 22nd but there’s no reason we shouldn’t educate and enlighten each other throughout the month! The Environmental Protection Agency wants you to get the word out about Earth Day!

    On Earth Day, make sure to #ActOnClimate. Help the EPA’s Earth Day message on all your social media sites. The EPA is using a new system called Thunderclap to coordinate spreading the message (everyone’s message should send April 22nd at noon) but they need Continue Reading…

  • Calvert Investments Launches Green Bond Fund Meeting

    April 10, 201411697209523_14b9817f14

    Recently, Calvert launched its latest sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) mutual fund. The market for green and environmental social and governance (ESG) investments in the retail and institutional arena has been growing. Very little product to date has been developed for investors to tap into green bonds or the broader category of ESG fixed-income. The Calvert Green Bond Fund (CGAFX) is co-managed by fixed income portfolio managers Cathy Roy, Vishal Khanduja, and Mauricio Agudelo of Calvert Investment Management, Inc. (CIM), part of Calvert’s seasoned fixed-income money management team. Calvert has a track record of managing sustainable bond strategies since 1987. The Fund is an actively managed, diversified, intermediate fixed-income fund that will seek to maximize income, to the extent consistent with preservation of capital, primarily through investment in bonds, with a Continue Reading…

  • Down to Earth: Sustainable Winemaking Book and Month

    April 10th, 20141

    The Wine Institute has recently released a new book, Down to Earth: A Seasonal Tour of Sustainable Winegrowing in California, written and illustrated by award-winning journalists Janet Fletcher and George Rose. It is a guide made especially for consumers to unveil the environmentally and socially responsible practices that demonstrate how California vinters and growers are making their wines.

    Thousands of growers and vinters participated in the assessments, education, and Continue Reading…

  • Chocolate Coconut Smoothie

    April 9, 20146238717963_f1395a187a

    I have yet to meet something containing coconut that I don’t like. I will continue sharing my coconut obsession with you-this time through a scrumptious smoothie. This chocolate coconut smoothie is probably my favorite smoothie of all time. It is sweet, filling, and delicious!

    Continue Reading…

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