Eco-Celeb Couple of the Week: Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and husband Brad Hall support the environmentSince it’s a new year, we’ve decided to tweak our Eco-Celeb of the Week series. Instead of focusing on just one green celeb, we’re going to post about our favorite eco-friendly celebrity couples for the next month or so. Many famous couples out there contribute all the time to Mother Earth, so we want to honor them and plus you’ll get double the goodness! This week, we focus on Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall.

You may recognize Julia Louis-Dreyfus best when she’s breaking out her dance moves as Elaine on the popular sitcom “Seinfeld,” but to some she’s known for her environmental activism, alongside husband Brad Hall.

The two have been married for 25 years and have two children together, Charlie and Henry. Ever since their first meeting, Julia and Brad have been inseparable, especially when it comes to protecting the planet.

When Julia isn’t acting or when Brad isn’t writing and producing for films and television, in the past he’s worked on “Frasier,” they are ensuring the future of the environment is healthy.

They first met at Northwestern University where Brad, now 53, had a comedy troupe. Julia joined and they integrated satire bits on oil dependency, environmental negligence and many other problems of the day into their skits. However, before they met and fell in love, Julia and Brad grew up respecting the Earth.

For Julia, 51, she grew up traveling the world in developing countries and spending time outdoors.

“I was made aware of the idea of being a part of something bigger than you, something bigger than our lives. That impulse is definitely what now drives my environmental work,” she told Grist in 2003.

Brad grew up in the ‘70s and with “deep hippie roots.” At 12-years-old he saw firsthand the devastation of an oil derrick explosion off the coast of Santa Barbara, which impacted him strongly.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and husband Brad Hall support the environment“I’ll never forget seeing all the beaches I’d grown up with coated with black sludge. The fish were belly-up, the birds were completely slimed. We had to rinse them off with gasoline to clean their feathers. It was incredibly disturbing, but also, I suppose, a turning point for me politically,” he revealed to Grist.

As you can tell, they have been involved in environmental activism well before they became Hollywood moguls.

After having children, at least for Julia, that really affected her outlook on life causing her to think beyond herself and giving her even more of a kick in the eco-direction, she revealed to USA Today.

“We live in L.A., where the natural world is very apparent and I drive by the ocean every day, and there were beach closures and I found that alarming. And [also], I heard Bobby Kennedy speak, and he’s inspirational and a passionate environmentalist,” she said.

“It’s little, tiny changes” needed to lead a life of green living, Julia says. All one needs is to replace light bulbs with compact fluorescent ones, buy recycled paper products and avoid plastic bags when grocery shopping. Obviously, there are many others, but these are just a few tips Julia offers.

As celebrities, Julia and Brad lead a lavish life, so they do whatever they can to be eco-friendly. In 2003, they transformed their California oceanfront bungalow with amazing green features, thanks to green architect David Hertz. Some of the features include net-metered rooftop solar panels, sustainably harvested tropical woods, natural ventilation systems and insulation made of recycled newspaper.

“I’d say my devotion to environmental issues is still as strong as it was in the ’70s, but the lifestyle options available to us have changed dramatically. It’s absolutely amazing that in the last five years or so there’s been such an explosion of efficiency innovations,” Brad said.

The two also give back through environmental organizations like Heal the Bay, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Trust for the Public Land and the Environmental Media Association to help green Hollywood.

Most recently, Julia spoke out against the Keystone XL pipeline and even released a video pleading for President Obama to block the permit.

The work Julia and Brad do is great for the environment, and it’s nice to see they’ve kept up their good environmental habits throughout their lives.

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-Allyson Koerner

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Angela George, Mayne Stage