Happy World Water Week 2012!

August 28, 2012

World Water Week launches this week in Stockholm bringing global water issues to lightHappy World Water Week! Yes, that’s right it’s a special week where everyone can unite and help those suffering from the global water crisis, along with fighting a variety of worldwide water issues.

Ever since 1991, the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) has hosted and organized World Water Week, with the Swedish city continuing to show its valiant effort in battling important water concerns.

Each year, SIWI selects a different water theme and this year’s is “Water and Food Security.” Over 2,000 politicians, CEO’s, scientists and international organizations leaders from more than 100 nations are currently gathering to discuss the topic.

Why water and food security? “More than one-fourth of all the water we use worldwide is taken to grow over one billion tons of food that nobody eats. That water, together with the billions of dollars spent to grow, ship, package and purchase the food, is sent down the drain,” Torgny Holmgren, executive director of SIWI, said. “Reducing the waste of food is the smartest and most direct route to relieve pressure on water and land resources. It’s an opportunity we cannot afford to overlook,” he added.

Experts will convene to debate and show solutions “to ensure that the planets limited water resources can meet the needs of growing economies and support a healthy global population.”

All week long workshops (arranged by the Scientific Programme Committee) will be held, some not relating directly to the theme, but that focus on variations of the theme.

With worldwide malnutrition (half the cases) resulting from illness and infection for dirty water unsanitary spaces, it’s easy to see why this event is extremely important.

For further information, be sure to visit SIWI and discover how you lend a helping hand.

-Allyson Koerner

Photo Credit: World Water Week Flickr