5 Highlights from This Week’s Episode of NBC’s ‘Revolution’

October 30, 2012

Catch up on this week's NBC Revolution with these five highlightsNBC’s new show “Revolution,” which some say resembles ABC’s fan favorite “Lost,” is one of the most intriguing fall shows. The story is about an American family struggling to survive, while searching for answers, after the electricity goes out worldwide. Each week, we will post highlights from the most recent episode. Here’s what went down this week.

1. Aaron’s (Zak Orth) history was finally revealed this week. In a previous episode, he mentioned his wife Priscilla (Maureen Sebastian), and we finally met her last night. We quickly see Aaron struggling to protect his wife against disease, rebels and natural elements like making fire. They meet a man named Sean (Michael Roark) who helps take care of Priscilla, and they end up joining his group. Aaron worries he can’t take care of his wife. She tells him none of that matters – it never did – and all she wants is to be with Aaron. Sadly, he doesn’t see it that way and leaves her.

2. Nora’s (Daniella Alonso) stab wound gets infected and Miles (Billy Burke), Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and Aaron take her to Drexel (Todd Stashwick) – an old “friend” of Miles’ from when he was part of the militia. Nora fares well, as she is given penicillin and rests in bed. However, the same cannot be said for Miles, Charlie and Aaron.

3. Drexel likes to grow heroin in his back yard, loves women and feels Miles owes him for saving Nora and many other things from their past. Drexel tells Charlie she has to kill an enemy of his who destroyed his drug crop if they want to get out alive. Throughout the episode, we see Charlie is in a very dark place (because of everything that’s occurred) and she agrees to Drexel’s request.

4. As Charlie goes off to kill an innocent man, Aaron pleads with Miles to save Charlie even if it means he and Nora die. In short, Miles leaves and saves Charlie from getting killed and murdering someone. While Miles is gone, Drexel makes Aaron and Nora (he wakes her up with an adrenaline shot) have a duel. If neither of them shoots one another, then Drexel will kill both. Aaron refuses and asks Nora to kill him, which she declines. Aaron shoots himself, but luckily the bullet hits his flask and he surprisingly kills Drexel.

5. Danny (Graham Rogers) officially meets Monroe (David Lyons), who tells him if he needs anything please let him know. Danny is now his guest and he will treat him as one. Monroe also reveals he knew Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell), which makes Danny curious. When the episode ends, Danny and Rachel are reunited. Now that Danny is in his possession, Monroe’s new mission is to hunt down Miles, Charlie, Aaron and Nora to find the pendant.

The show is keeping viewers on their toes, with more questions left unanswered. To watch the latest episode, click here. Catch the next episode on Monday, Nov. 5 at 10 p.m. EST.

-Allyson Koerner

Photo Credit: NBC