5 Highlights from Last Night’s ‘Revolution’

March 26, 2013

Five highlights from last night's RevolutionNBC’s hit series “Revolution” is back! After about a four month hiatus, the post-apocalyptic type show is again gracing TV’s across the nation, and isn’t holding back on the drama, action, mystery and tears. Each week, we will provide five highlights from the show to keep viewers in the loop. Here’s what happened this week.

Last night’s “Revolution” episode titled “The Stand” delivered power, action, more mysteries and a major death. Here are a few of the major highlights. Spoilers are ahead, so read at your own risk.

1. The episode picks up seconds later from where fans last saw the entire gang: Miles, Rachel, Charlie, Danny, Nora and Aaron standing in a field as Monroe’s helicopter hovers. Of course, the helicopter starts shooting at them and blows up the restaurant where the six are hiding.  Luckily, they take cover in a freezer. They escape Philadelphia, where – once again – the group goes their separate ways. Miles heads off with Rachel to visit her old friend, John, and, as Rachel says, “to get some [power] of our own.” Aaron, Nora, Danny and Charlie go to rebel headquarters in Annapolis.

2. Let’s talk about the weirdness between Rachel and Miles. First, Miles and Nora’s kiss at the beginning of this episode causes quite the reaction from Rachel. Do we sense a former romance between the two?  Miles apologizes to Rachel for leaving her, says everything is his fault and explains he thought she died. Miles and Rachel are hiding some major secrets. They better spill sooner rather than later! When they finally reach Rachel’s friends home, John is acting strange, and finally tells Rachel he’s sorry for lying, but Randall got to him. He also mentions Randall got into the tower. What is the tower?! John manages to overtake the two, but eventually Miles frees himself and knocks out John. He and Rachel grab a missile and head back to the others.

3. The relationship between Jason and his father, Neville, worsens throughout the episode. Jason doesn’t want to “butcher”anymore people. The two get into a fistfight resulting in Neville telling Jason to never come home again. Later, when Neville talks with Monroe he tells him Jason died. We have a funny feeling when Bass finds out the truth he won’t be happy. As for Jason, he warns Charlie about Monroe’s airstrike on rebel headquarters. She still doesn’t trust him, and tells him he can’t come with her, but ends up taking his word on the airstrike.

4. The ominous Randall is nothing but trouble, and quite the mystery. We have no idea what he’s up to, but can tell he’s bad news. At the end of the episode, Randall and John visit Monroe, who is quite intrigued especially since Randall drove to Philly. Monroe asks what he can do for them, but Randall says  the questions is “How can we help you?” That doesn’t sound good.

5. Even though there was warning a major character would die, it still caused a big shock and tears for fans and the characters. Danny dies. Can you believe it? The beginning of Season 1 dealt with rescuing the young Matheson, and now he’s dead. Poor Charlie! She risked her life to save her brother, and now he’s gone. Danny did die a hero though. After Miles gets knocked out when trying to launch a missile at the helicopter with the amplifier, Danny takes over for his uncle. Soon after, he gets shot – several times – and immediately dies. One of the biggest mysteries and questions left unexplained was “what did Rachel take out of Danny’s body?” Early on, we see Rachel and Ben with a young Danny in the hospital. He is getting some type of procedure done, but it’s never explained. Is the blinking light capsule related to Danny’s procedure? Fans will have to wait and see.

It looks like the rest of the season will deal with Charlie trying to get revenge for Danny’s death. She told Rachel they need to finish what they started and kill Monroe. For Monroe and the other bad guys, who knows what they have in store for Miles and the others.

What did you think of the episode?

-Allyson Koerner

Photo Credit: NBC