5 Highlights from Last Night’s ‘Revolution’

April 2, 2013

Get caught up on last night's Revolution with these five highlightsNBC’s hit series “Revolution” is back! After about a four month hiatus, the post-apocalyptic type show is again gracing TV’s across the nation, and isn’t holding back on the drama, action, mystery and tears. Each week, we will provide five highlights from the show to keep viewers in the loop. Here’s what happened this week.

Last night’s “Revolution” episode titled “Ghosts” showcased Charlie’s warrior side, Rachel’s secrets and Miles struggles. Spoilers are ahead, so read at your own risk.

1. At the beginning of this week’s episode, the group buries Danny. Charlie is distraught and even pulls away from Rachel who tries to comfort her daughter. Once again, the group heads in different directions. Charlie, Rachel and Aaron go to the rebel’s Echo Base, while Nora and Miles go get help from Jim Hudson, a man who previously helped Miles try to assassinate Monroe the first time. After quite the battle with a militia killing squad, Hudson reluctantly goes with Miles. This episode shows the guilt Miles feels for Danny’s death and everything else happening. As he told Jim, you can’t care about someone, because sooner or later you’ll let them down or get them killed.

2. Now that Randall and Monroe have joined forces, the two are in desperate need of  more power. This week, we learn about Randall’s past. His son, Edward Flynn, died during the Iraq war and now it seems Randall is seeking revenge, but more on that later. We also learn that he can turn on the pendants to track them, which is bad news for Aaron and the others who are in possession of two. Randall finds them and he takes Monroe’s men and Humvees to the rebel’s Echo Base.

3. Charlie turned into a warrior this week, and she wasn’t afraid to show off her killer instinct side. First, she tells off Rachel and basically says she was never a mother to her or Danny. The conversation ends with Rachel slapping Charlie. Right after, Rachel notices the pendants are turned on and knows they’re in trouble. The rebels see the Humvees and evacuate, but Charlie and Aaron stay back, because they can’t find Rachel. She is busy destroying the pendants, because she knows Randall can track their movements. We also learn the pendants are actually flash drives, but before we can find out what’s on them, Rachel destroys them. The three try to hide from Randall, but Monroe’s men find them. Luckily, Charlie uses her skills and kills two of them. Randall manages to capture Rachel. She is what he wants, not the pendants. He says he needs her mind to create more power. He says he doesn’t want the power back on, but wants to put the power back in the hands of a few to make a safer world.

4. During their attempt to hide from Randall and his men, we find out about Rachel’s background. It seems Randall used to be Ben’s and Rachel’s boss, as he was the Assistant Secretary for the Department of Defense (DOD). He used their expertise to create the pendants, the amplifiers and the blackout. We can somewhat conclude that Randall wanted the pendants created to get back at the country and men who killed his son. He told Rachel and Ben that they could end the bloodshed with a push of a button. Rachel tells Charlie and Aaron that they helped build a weapon, but it didn’t start out that way. Aaron, Rachel and Charlie get away and thanks to Charlie. She takes down Monroe’s men and saves her mother from Randall.

5. At the end of the episode, Aaron tells Rachel they need to talk and he wants to know the truth. It seems he was extremely close with Rachel and Ben, as they took Aaron in when no one else would. Rachel complies and starts to tell Aaron about the infamous “tower.” The episode ends. Let’s hope Rachel actually tells Aaron what’s going on, because her secrets are getting a little old and seem to be doing more harm than good.

By watching next week’s preview it looks like things are going to get more interesting. It even looks like Rachel and Miles share a passionate kiss. Is it from the past or present? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

What did you think of this week’s episode?

-Allyson Koerner

Photo Credit: NBC