5 Highlights from Last Night’s ‘Revolution’

April 9, 2013

Get caught up on last night's Revolution with these five highlightsNBC’s hit series “Revolution” is back! After about a four month hiatus, the post-apocalyptic type show is again gracing TV’s across the nation, and isn’t holding back on the drama, action, mystery and tears. Each week, we will provide five highlights from the show to keep viewers in the loop. Here’s what happened this week.

Last night’s “Revolution” episode titled “The Song Remains the Same” gave answers to what caused the blackout and showed a steamy passionate kiss between two main characters. Spoilers are ahead, so read at your own risk.

1. Let’s dive on in. We finally found out what caused the blackout, and it’s not really what I expected. At the beginning of the episode, Aaron and Rachel observe a drawing of a circular object with extended arms that resemble some sort of virus. According to Rachel, there are tons and tons of these objects in the air and they are currently breathing them in. They have two functions: To absorb electricity and to replicate. Apparently, one day something went wrong in The Tower and these virus-like beings started reproducing out of control. So, that’s why the power went bye-bye.

2. Charlie, Nora, Miles and the other rebels notice a Humvee near their camp, and they decide to take action. The Humvee actually holds Neville – who is jamming to Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long” – as he is on a top secret mission for Monroe and Randall. The Humvee blows up thanks to the rebels and they capture Neville. Miles and the group want to torture him for information, but Rachel wants to kill him for taking Ben and Danny away from her. Miles questions Neville about the 30 pounds of loose diamonds he has, and where he was going. Well, Neville doesn’t talk. Luckily, Jason, who is now a rebel, arrives and turns the tables on his own father to extract information. He finds out Neville was on his way to a secret cement factory.

3. Monroe receives word Neville has yet to arrive at his destination, and Randall volunteers to go. When Miles and the others show up at the cement factory, Randall is already there. They fight Monroe’s men, and might I add with big help from Jason who is like a male Katniss with his arrow skills. In between the fighting, Randall escapes. The rebels discover the cement factory is where Monroe was creating nuclear bombs. Uh oh. That’s not good.

4. While Charlie and the others are off at the cement factory, Neville breaks free from his restraints and kills to two rebels, including the priest Nicholas. He goes home to his wife, Julia, and tells her they need to leave. Neville’s failed mission was his last chance to prove himself to Monroe, but he blew it and now he and Julia are going on the run. It looks like Neville just made Monroe’s enemy list.

5. At the end, Rachel and Aaron decide they’re going to go get their own power. Before they head off, Miles tells Rachel he doesn’t want her to leave. Rachel tells him he can’t be who he was and he needs to take better care of Charlie than he did her. Oh, did I mention in between this conversation Rachel and Miles share a very passionate kiss. Things are getting steamy. Rachel leaves with Aaron, and tells Charlie she won’t be returning.

My only question is, why hasn’t Charlie questioned Rachel about why she left her family and where she has been all this time? Yes, she knows Rachel has been with Monroe, but why hasn’t she questioned her mother at all? Now, Rachel is gone, so good luck getting answers Charlie! I guess she’ll have to sit back and wait – just like the audience.

What did you think of this week’s episode?

-Allyson Koerner

Photo Credit: NBC