5 Highlights from Last Night’s ‘Revolution’

April 30, 2013

Get caught up on last night's Revolution with these five highlightsNBC’s hit series “Revolution” is back! After about a four month hiatus, the post-apocalyptic type show is again gracing TV’s across the nation, and isn’t holding back on the drama, action, mystery and tears. Each week, we will provide five highlights from the show to keep viewers in the loop. Here’s what happened this week.

Last night’s “Revolution” episode titled “Home,” explored past lovers. We got a snippet into the complicated history of Miles, Monroe and the girl they both loved when younger. Fans also saw Aaron reunite with his wife. Spoilers are ahead, so read at your own risk.

1. The episode opens up with Miles, Charlie, Nora and the rebels officially working with Georgia to fight off Monroe and his militia. Early on, we that one of Georgia’s men, Captain Dixon, is going to be a problem. Another problem Miles has to deal with is Charlie. She still wants to know what happened between him and Rachel, but Miles remains mum. In Philadelphia, Monroe tells Jeremy they need to kill Miles, because his old friend is good at taking small groups and turning them into unstoppable forces i.e. The Georgia Federation.

2. Monroe develops a plan to get Miles to come to him. He goes back to their hometown, and informs Miles that if he doesn’t show up he’ll kill everyone in town, including Emma (Annie Wersching). Back when they were young, Miles and Monroe both loved Emma. Miles was actually engaged to her, but that didn’t stop Monroe from sleeping with Emma. It looks like they genuinely loved one another, but Monroe still traps Emma with the other townspeople in the courthouse and sets it on fire.

3. Aaron and Rachel are now in the Plains Nation. Rachel works diligently to translate Jane’s diary about The Tower and nanites. While she does that, Aaron sets off to explore and sees his wife, Priscilla. You know the one he abandoned to protect? After an awkward “hello” and small conversation, Priscilla announces she’s with her new hubby. After Aaron leaves, he doesn’t feel right about the situation, and goes back to find Priscilla. Her “hubby” turns out to be a bounty hunter. Priscilla is a fugitive. Well, Aaron tries to save her, and does with some assistance from Priscilla. It seems Priscilla is wanted by Monroe for murdering one of his men who tried to hurt her 11-year-old daughter. She also tells Aaron she has a new family, but she’ll always love him. Priscilla leaves and goes back to her new family, while Aaron and Rachel continue on their journey.

4. While the courthouse burns, Miles arrives and gets everyone out, including Emma, with help from Charlie and the other rebels. Monroe manages to grab Emma and puts a gun to her head. Charlie and Miles watch from afar. Emma tells Monroe she doesn’t want to die and doesn’t want to leave her son aka Monroe’s son. Monroe is shocked and lowers his weapon, but Capt. Dixon kills Emma and wounds Monroe. Miles gets angry and kills Dixon. Jeremy drags Monroe to the helicopter, but Monroe doesn’t go willingly. He’s overwhelmed with Emma’s death and the news of his son. They escape.

5. The episode ends with one of the most hated characters, besides Monroe, Captain Tom Neville. The Georgia Federation’s president, Kelly, hires him to help in the fight against Monroe. It looks like he’ll be working alongside Miles and the rebels. That sounds ominous.

It looks like Monroe has another issue to solve. Who is his son?

What did you think of this week’s episode?

-Allyson Koerner

Photo Credit: NBC