Spring Fitness Goals

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Known for lending her training expertise to the Upper East Side Manhattan Equinox and to her own KFitNYC, Kiley Schoenfelder is a regular contributor to Eco News Network offering suggestions on how to live a healthy life. As a type 1 diabetic, Schoenfelder is the perfect person to listen to about making health and keeping wellness a priority in our lives. To help our Eco News Network readers keep up with their spring fitness goals we caught up with her for some spring fitness tips.

Eco News Network: Starting an outdoor fitness routine: should someone do a variety of exercise say walk, bike, and run? Or focus on one exercise and stick with it?

KS: It depends on the person’s goal. If they are training for a running race, they should focus most of their energy on running. If they’re just out for the health of it, I suggest the more variety the better. Constantly challenge the body in new ways and movement patterns and keep from getting bored while you’re at it!

Eco News Network: What healthy foods are you eating these days?

KS: I’ve been so so busy lately that I’ve been turning to the “quick and easy” options. When an hour in the kitchen each night seems impossible I always turn to making sure I have some fresh veggies in the fridge to steam in my steamer each night and either eggs or a lean protein to prepare in a few minutes from a pan on my stovetop.

Eco News Network: Can you share a few recipes or steer people to some resources they can explore?

KS: My favorite quick dinner is a healthy version of the Italian dish Chicken Milanese. A pounded grilled chicken breast topped with arugula and cherry tomatoes lightly drizzled with olive oil and a little lemon. I always like to have a few of the Suzie’s Thin Cakes (variety of rice cake squares) on the side for a little crunch. They are honestly like eating chips for me, only a fraction of the sodium, calories, and fat. Most flavors are gluten free too!

I also have been using the Vega One vanilla protein powder for a quick protein shake in the mid day. I like to throw in a few pieces of frozen berries and coconut water or a tablespoon of nut butter and half a banana with almond milk.

Eco News Network: What are your favorite tech tools to monitor exercise levels?

KS: For someone who avidly works out and knows they get in at least 10G steps in a day, I truly believe a trusty heart rate monitor is the best of the best. That way they can make sure each workout is at the correct intensity. For someone who sits at a desk all day and not great with workouts consistently, then a Nike fuel band or fit bit would be great. I recently bought the Basis activity/sleep tracker and honestly I’m not the biggest fan. The heart rate monitor isn’t very accurate. I highly suggest just going with a polar heart rate monitor for half the price.

Eco News Network: Can you suggest some spring into summer lunchtime exercise routine ideas? After work?

KS: I love taking my TRX to the park. It wraps around a tree and you can do a full body workout in addition to some amazing plyo high intensity drills from it along w unbelievable core work. You can get an amazing workout done in a half hour and then toss the TRX into a small bag and head right back to work with it.

Eco News Network: What’s hot in NYC for new fitness and health haunts?

KS: I follow a website site called Well and Good NYC and they are always spouting off new hot spots to try or not to try in NYC. Since I last reported in I don’t think the craze has changed much. Rowing is still the new spinning and spinning is still in too. Everything else seems to be yet another version of the same high intensity interval type training. Bottom line: Do some activity every day. And prep your own food as much as possible.

Eco News Network: Anything more you want to share?

KS: I’ll leave you with this thought– this week I had the opportunity to meet the most inspiring “turning 106 years old next month” woman. He daughter told me she has never taken any medications and eats generous amounts of all fresh food daily. She also said she has always been active and she used to love jumping rope. I’ll definitely remember that advice moving forward. I think that speaks volumes for non-processed foods and exercise. Here’s to living an incredibly long, happy, healthy life!

More about Kiley and K FIT NYC
Kiley is the founder of her own fitness brand, K FIT NYC. She devotes her life to helping others overcome personal challenges as she too, fights her own nearly life long battle with type 1 diabetes. Today, healthier than ever, Kiley shares her positive energy as presenter and volunteer for the American Diabetes Association of New York City. She has been a successful fitness coach since 1998 and is a graduate of Michigan State University. Kiley can be reached at KFITnyc@gmail.com.

Photo: Courtesy of KFIT NYC

Please remember that you should always consult your physician before commencing any fitness routine or exercise program.

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