Upcycled Art and Recycled Craft Gifts

November 20, 2015

Etsy is great for eco-conscious crafts, as the site has a wide range of recycled crafts and upcycled art pieces. Just search ‘upcycle,’ ‘recycle,’ ‘organic,’ ‘vegan,’ or just about any other word associated with going green, and you’ll find a gold mine on Etsy. The best place for found-object art, Etsy has decorations for every room, plus the yard.

Flickr: dad1_

Sculptures for a gardener, hangable art to inspire creativity in the kitchen or something useful, like repurposed glassware or a coffee table made from a reclaimed pallet, Etsy has things you’d never think of. Unfortunately, there may only be one of an upcycled or recycled item, but the variety is so great that you can always find something to suit the unique individual you’re shopping for.

Some particularly cool examples of upcycled art projects and crafts made from recycled household items. If these don’t appeal to you, there is a good chance they will inspire you to make create something out of old garden tools or broken appliances!


LightbulbAvid eaters and artists alike will appreciate utensils-turned-jewelry, and Etsy has a huge selection of hand-made rings and bracelets that started their silverware careers as spoons and forks, as well as adorable knife sets ready for new lives.

Perhaps the coolest desktop decoration we’ve seen. Great ideas are so often inspired by nature, and even more frequently symbolized by lightbulbs, so this gift is perfect for someone who spends their days coming up with creative ideas!



Bikers will love this clock made from a recycled wheel because it will remind them to pedal on, whether they keep it in their office or living room. It will also stand the test of time, unlike cheaper similar products, as it has high-torque motor to power the durable hands.

-Aidan Kelly

Photo Credit: Etsy/eGarden Studio, Etsy/DreamGreatDreams, Flickr/dad1_

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