Eco-Friendly Spring Break Travel Tips

March 23, 2016

If it’s time for you to pack your suitcase and head out on a spring break travel vacation with your friends or family, make sure you keep the environment in mind with these six eco-friendly spring break travel tips.

Eco car rentals, organic sunscreen, energy conservation, and eco hotel selection are easy. Here are six eco-friendly spring break travel tips to help make this the best eco spring break vacation yet.

1. Renting an eco-friendly car for your spring break travel is easier than ever. Car rental companies including Hertz, Europcar, Avis, and offer fuel efficient and hybrid vehicles at most locations. Don’t need a car for your trip? Even better. Use public transportation, bike, walk, take a shuttle instead. You can find time schedules and route information online from most local visitor center websites.

2. Bring along a reusable water bottle or buy one when you get to your location. When you hit the beach or the bike, you can refill the bottle throughout your trip. It’s more economical and more eco friendly. Plastic water bottles fill landfills and wash up on ocean shores so do your part by not adding to the mess.IMG_00803. If you must use sunscreen pick an organic, environmentally-friendly brand such as Raw Elements.  Even better, invest in UV-protectant clothing available online from Coolibar, REI, or Athleta among others. You will use the things you buy over and over. It is no secret that the chemicals in sunscreen are damaging the ocean environment including the coral reefs. It’s scary but every little bit helps. Do yourself, the reefs, and the fish a favor by opting for a natural solution.

4. Turn off the lights and also the air conditioning in your hotel room before leaving for the day or even for a few hours. Your room will cool down quickly upon your return and you’ll save energy and ultimately maybe even see hotel rates go down over time as operations costs are reduced. Some hotels, mostly outside the US, have key card slots that you place your key card in when you return to your room and this activates the power.

5. Pick an eco hotel for your spring break travel or at least check out the hotel’s sustainability initiatives and see if it has any green certifications or eco options to consider. There are many ways to find sustainable hotels in most areas. One is Eco Hotels of the World. As for specific hotel chains with a strong commitment to sustainability, Starwood Hotels Element is one example. Marriott is another chain committed to environmental responsibility.Fairhaven Farmers Market6. Instead of spending all of your time restaurants, why not packing a picnic for the beach or a day hike. Even better, find out when the local farmer’s market is held and buy local to do so. You’ll get a fresh meal, support a local farmer, and save energy. Always be sure to carry out anything that you carried on to the beach or the trail and dispose of it properly.

If you are lucky enough to take a spring break travel vacation, make it eco-friendly and do yourself and the earth a favor.

-JE Forbes

Photos: Eco News Network

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