America’s Largest Solar-Powered Affordable Housing Community Nearing Completion

By Megan Webb

The new solar installation at the Crescent Park apartments in Richmond, Calif., is nearly completed, which will make it the largest, solar-powered affordable housing community in the U.S.

Crescent Park-AERIAL

Crescent Park Aerial View

EAH Housing, a non-profit affordable housing developer based in San Rafael, Calif., contracted with Berkeley-based Sun Light & Power to provide solar power in the 24-building family apartment complex.

The solar installation at Crescent Park will help reduce the production of greenhouse gases and provide lower utility costs for this large apartment complex that houses 378 family apartments. The installation further helps the city of Richmond meet nearly 20 percent of its 5 MW goal of solar power usage. Producing nearly a megawatt of clean, renewable energy, the 908 kilowatts system includes 4323 SunPower, 210-watt modules and 180 SunPower M Series inverters.

“The contributions made by EAH Housing to the city of Richmond is incalculable,” said Gayle McLaughlin, mayor of Richmond.  “EAH has created an affordable housing complex that not only brings value to our city but, with its commitment to solar energy, has also taken on a stewardship role as well.”

Crescent Park has been undergoing a $70 million restoration by EAH Housing, who acquired Crescent Park in 1994 and quickly moved to restore it to its former status as a valued community resource. It since has been awarded the HUD “Best Practices” Award for its Computer Learning Center, which provides access to technology to low-income residents.

“We are proud to provide solar power for all 378 [Crescent Park] apartments as part of our major rehabilitation and improvement of this important affordable housing community that has served Richmond since the 1960s,” said Mary Murtagh, president and CEO of EAH Housing.

Gary Gerber, president of Sun Light & Power said, “I’m honored that EAH chose us to build America’s largest affordable housing solar project here at Crescent Park. Our engineering expertise and our 33 years of experience designing and installing solar systems made us a great match with EAH, who clearly recognizes that solar electricity must play a pivotal role in providing the renewable energy this country needs to reduce our environmental impact and stabilize our future energy costs.”

About EAH Housing
EAH Housing is one of the most respected non-profit developers/managers in the western U.S. With properties in 14 counties in California and Hawaii, and more than 40 years of providing affordable housing, EAH Housing has developed more than 5,900 homes and manages 75 properties. EAH serves thousands of families, seniors, students and persons with disabilities in California and Hawaii and has regional offices in San Rafael, Fresno, San Jose and Honolulu. For more information visit

About Sun Light & Power
Sun Light & Power was formed 33 years ago in Berkeley by Gary Gerber as one of the first solar energy companies in California.  With more than 1,000 solar installations in the Bay Area and a staff of 60-plus employees, Sun Light & Power prides itself on its skilled engineering staff who work with many technically-challenging projects.  For more information visit or call 510-845-2997.