Glendon® Selects Aquaworx™ IPC Panel for Pump Control

By Eco News Network

Glendon has selected the Aquaworx IPC Panel for pump control in its up-flow biofilter systems. The Glendon Biofilter treats residential strength wastewater to single digit BOD5 and Fecal Coliform, is totally passive, and requires no chemicals, additives, or UV light to achieve high quality treatment. The system includes a typical septic tank, a pump tank, and a small pump controlled by a custom Aquaworx IPC Sandfilter Panel that is set up to time dose one or more units.

Aquaworx Duplex with New MARC

“Aquaworx by Infiltrator’s primary aim from the beginning was to partner with innovative companies  to provide the best solutions for our customers,” commented Judd Efinger, general manager of Aquaworx. “It is great to work with such an innovative and relationship-based company such as Glendon.”

The Aquaworx IPC panels provide an innovative approach to pump control by utilizing an embedded micro-processor in the pump controller and a floatless pressure transducer technology. The IPC panel monitors liquid levels, controls pumping time intervals, and logs events in real-time. Unique to this Sandfilter panel is the ability to time control two individual pumps having independent level sensors.  Glendon systems are particularly suited for small lots with shallow soils and/or environmentally sensitive lots that are burdened by wells, wetlands or shorelines.

“Glendon has installed more than 2,000 Aquaworx IPC Sandfilter panels as part of the Glendon System and the data recording and retrieval of analysis for troubleshooting has been excellent,” commented Tom Teal, president and co-founder of Glendon BioFilter Technologies, Inc. “Reliability, life cycle, cost, accuracy and owner intrusion protection are important benefits.”

The Aquaworx line of IPC Panels stores up to 4,000 events using a Mountable and Removable Controller (MARC). The MARC is an easy to program and operate user interface and enables enhanced system operational assessment, troubleshooting, and maintenance to installers and service providers.  The removable SD card incorporated in the MARC simplifies transferring information to PC-based applications and the MARC is portable for use by installers and service providers on multiple IPC Panels.

Aquaworx offers advanced solutions for the onsite wastewater treatment industry and is a division of Infiltrator® Systems, Inc., a leader in the onsite wastewater industry.  Infiltrator Systems Inc. is based in Old Saybrook, Conn., and includes a staff of experienced field representatives and an in-house technical resources team. Since its inception in 1987, Infiltrator has introduced innovative products that meet increasingly stringent environmental and regulatory onsite wastewater treatment requirements. Through its understanding of the marketplace and the integration of engineering and manufacturing expertise, science, and technology, Infiltrator continues to drive the onsite wastewater market.

For more information on the Aquaworx IPC Panel or to download product and technical information visit or call 1-877 278-2979. To contact Glendon visit