Green Design Furniture Leads Eco Friendly Home Design Trend

By Megan Webb

At West Coast Green 2009, you could feel the excitement in the air when you walked through the doors at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. Exhibitors lined the floor highlighting their latest environmentally conscious products, services and technologies.

Leading the pack in the furniture category was Green Design Furniture, producer of sustainable harvested regional hardwoods featuring eco-friendly, non-toxic fabrics and finishes. Owner Doug Green’s original and innovative designs demonstrated beautiful artisanship, high performance ergonomic comfort, and life-long durability.


Sofa, Armchair and Coffee Table from Green Design Furniture

Not only are Green Design Furniture’s products beautifully crafted, but the company sets the new standard for sustainable furniture design with its patented, exclusive manufacturing process. All Green Design Furniture is assembled with precision-engineered sliding dovetails, similar to a Japanese puzzle box. Each component slides and locks into place, forming a structure that refuses to weaken over time—no screws, bolts, glue, or tools are needed.

This process enables the company to produces high quality, fastener-free furniture that is made, packed, and shipped efficiently in flat components.  This method produces substantial savings in the energy and materials normally consumed in conventional furniture construction.

“Seventeen years ago, I was trying to conceive of the ideal experience a person could have in purchasing, installing and living with a piece of furniture,” said Green. “I came up with a simpler and far more efficient way to make furniture that anticipated the current trend to re-evaluate how we can produce better products that consume less energy and generate less waste. After all these years of making furniture this way, we are encouraged that something we anticipated and believed in for so long seems deservedly headed to the mainstream.”

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