The Purest Water Now Comes from Air!

Dewpointe® by AWS Offers Consumers
Eco Friendly Alternative to Bottled Water

By Megan Webb

West Coast Green 2009 was full of innovative and forward-thinking products for both residential and commercial use. One of our favorite products at the show was the Dewpointe® DH9 by Atmospheric Water Systems.

Dewpointe® creates drinking water from one of the Earth’s renewable resources, air, providing up to 8.4 gallons of pure drinking water daily for today’s homes and offices. In its quest to support water conservation, the Dewpointe® limits plastic bottle and water waste as it functions as a water generator, air purifier, water filtration system and dehumidifier all in one.

For today’s cost-conscious consumers, Dewpointe® also costs significantly less than bottled water, averaging about $.60/gallon.

The Dewpointe® DH9 retails for about $1,600 plus shipping. You can purchase the Dewpointe DH9 online here.

For more information about Dewpointe® DH9 visit or check out the video below.

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