Yellow: The New Path to Green

AirportShareACab Reduces Harmful Carbon Emissions by
Matching People in Cabs


By Megan Webb

Yellow is the new path to green. At least that’s what TripVerde, a software company based in Austin, has observed as it prepares to role out its new software product, AirportShareACab (ASAC), in San Antonio next month.

ASAC is a software program that matches two or more riders in taxis, which reduces the cost of the fares, carbon emissions, and helps reduce traffic congestion and eliminate roadblocks.  People coming to a city from the airport or leaving a city going to the airport can sign up online or via their mobile devices to be matched with other riders.

As a company, TripVerde has set a goal to reduce carbon emissions by 10 percent within 10 years.  It has succeeded in matching people for numerous events, the largest being a national carpool to the Obama presidential inauguration. In this case, TripVerde matched people from more than 60 cities, enabling them to carpool safely to Washington D.C. and back.

With ASAC, TripVerde realized it could overcome several roadblocks including reluctance to ride with strangers and customer safety concerns. Certainly, affinity groups, universities, and businesses provide a natural way for people to connect and form carpools, yet TripVerde realized matching people with taxis would have a faster adoption rate.

Taxis are ubiquitous, registered and licensed and there’s always a return ride available. People across the globe use taxis every day. TripVerde recognized that with taxis, yellow could be the new path to green and would provide a faster route to reaching the company’s goal of reducing carbon emissions. The more ASAC is utilized the more it will help cities reach their clean air goals.

Cities nationwide are striving to find a way to reduce carbon emissions and attain better air quality standards by reducing traffic congestion. Often those efforts are expensive, time consuming and can raise taxes. ASAC provides individuals with cost savings and cities with a simple way to achieve clean air goals.

City officials in San Antonio were enthusiastic to work with ASAC during its launch at the upcoming November National League of Cities Annual Convention in San Antonio. More than 7,000 mayors, city council members and other city officials from across the country will gather and have the opportunity to use ASAC during this four-day convention.

For more information about AirportShareACab visit @AirportShare on twitter or For those attending the National League of Cities Annual Convention in San Antonio, you can visit booth #631 to learn more about what ASAC is doing to strengthen our cities’ clean air efforts.