Green Company Spotlight: EcoDomo

By Megan Webb

Last month we featured Carlisle Wide Plank Floors as our first-ever green company spotlight. This month, EcoDomo LLC was selected as our green company feature because of its innovative lines of eco-friendly luxury architectural tiles made from post-industrial recycled leather, renewable natural leathers and pre- and post-consumer waste. And let us just say that EcoDomo’s leather surfaces are gorgeous!

EcoDomo in Costa Rica Condominium, Photo Credit:  EcoDomo

EcoDomo in Costa Rica Condominium, Photo Credit: EcoDomo

The company’s newest collection—the Rainforest Collection—is made from recycled leather and post-consumer wine scraps including cork, wine stoppers and sawdust scrap. Each tile is applied on a core plank that creates a floating floor with a unique click system allowing you to simply replace a new tile by clicking it into place. You can apply these tiles right over your existing floor. When one tile wears, simply yank the tile out and replace it with a new one—and that same worn tile can be recycled to make more carpets!

Rainforest Collection, Photo Credit:  EcoDomo

Rainforest Collection, Photo Credit: EcoDomo

The Rainforest Collection is great for residential applications and comes with a 25-year warranty that can be extended up to three times.

According to EcoDomo founder and president, Christian Nadeau, “floating floors like those offered by the Rainforest Collection have been around for some time but are not as well known as a green option.” They increase the wearability and life of your surface and in EcoDomo’s case, are made from recycled content and the planks used are formaldehyde free.

In addition to its newest Rainforest Collection, EcoDomo has a variety of high-design architectural tiles for residential and commercial use that come in 12 sizes, eight colors and several textures including: Buffalo, Rustic, Natural and Crocodile. If one of the standard combinations doesn’t interest you, EcoDomo offers custom designs upon request.

Buffalo in Emerald, Photo Credit:

Buffalo in Emerald, Photo Credit:

Crocodile in Burgundy, Photo Credit:

Crocodile in Burgundy, Photo Credit:

Being a truly sustainable company doesn’t just stop with the use of recycled materials. Although EcoDomo’s stunning architectural details are made from a combination of recycled and natural leathers and pre- and post-consumer waste, the company also offers a variety of options for adhesives, finishes and maintenance that are green because of their water-based content, low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), excellent air quality and overall sustainable nature.

EcoDomo is also a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), which means the company manufactures products that meet strict environmental practices and is able to attend learning courses and workshops, stay current on all developments within the green building community, and certify building projects. EcoDomo recycled leather tiles contribute to the achievement of USBC Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits including:

  • Materials and Resources:  Credits 4.1/4.2 (recycled content)
  • Indoor Environmental Quality:  Credits 4.1/4.3 (low emission adhesives and materials)
  • Rapidly Renewable Resource Material:  Credits 6 (rapidly renewable construction)

The company’s products have also been used in a variety of LEED projects including the first skyscraper to earn a Platinum LEED certification, the Bank of America Tower in Manhattan.

Platinum LEED Bank of America Tower, Photo Credit:  EcoDomo

Platinum LEED Bank of America Tower, Photo Credit: EcoDomo

This sustainable project features innovative technologies and advancements such as floor-to-ceiling insulating glass, a greywater system, and is second in height only to the Empire State Building. Other high-profile commercial EcoDomo clients include: Starbucks, Crowne Plaza & International hotels, Whole Foods and many more.

A large part of doing business in the green category means taking the extra step to be sustainable. This means creating products that will last for many generations. EcoDomo’s recycled tiles carry a long life, which leads to fewer repairs and replacement products that may strain the Earth’s resources.

With the environment factored into every decision, EcoDomo strives to exceed green expectations and provide sustainable high-design solutions. It is a company backed by its passion for creating innovative green products that inspire lasting beauty, making it a truly special—and sustainable—company worthy of this month’s green company spotlight.

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