Top 10 Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gifts

By Allyson Koerner

Looking for a unique and eco-friendly gift to give dad this Father’s Day? Then look no more. Below are just a few ways to make dad smile on his special day while remaining environmentally conscious.

1. The bookworm dad
Does your dad love to read? At BookSwim, you can sign dad up to receive his favorite new release or paperback classic. This online book club lets you rent as many books as you want per month with no due dates, late fees, waiting lists or shipping fees. You can have books shipped anywhere in the U.S. for a flat subscription fee. When done, ship the books back in the prepaid envelope provided by BookSwim and your next books will be shipped automatically. The best part is that trees are saved in the process. With BookSwim’s efforts, at least 10 tons of carbon emissions have been reduced. According to BookSwim, “That’s like taking 14,000 cars – all the yellow taxicabs in New York City – off the street.”

2. The golfing dad
Does your dad like to hit up the course in his down time? Why not get him some eco-friendly tees to improve his game? Evolve Golf makes epoch sustainable golf tees used in tournaments across the country. The tee eliminates deflection and increases the golf ball’s speed when hit. Made from recycled materials, the epoch has more stability than wooden tees. Find a store located near you through the site’s store locator. While you’re at it, why not try some eco-friendly golf balls to go with the tees? Try Dixon Earth Golf Balls. These golf balls are 100 percent eco-friendly and come in a 100 percent recyclable package. Call (800) 339-8863 to order.

Photo Credit: Evolve Golf

Photo Credit: Evolve Golf

3. The tech dad
With NOVOTHINK’s solar charger case, your dad can charge his iPhone or iPod touch. The solar case allows your dad to power up without a cord and gives him the freedom to move around outside.  Choose from a variety of colors and buy online.

Photo Credit: NOVOTHINK

Photo Credit: NOVOTHINK

4. The lawn care dad
Through The Happy Gardener organic lawn care line your dad can weed, fertilize and condition his lawn with these all-natural lawn products. Not only will his lawn look great, but it will remain chemical free and benefit the environment. You can purchase online through the Web site.

5. The car dad
If your dad likes to keep his car clean and shiny get him an eco-friendly car wash kit. The car care company eco touch provides a waterless wash and wax kit that can be purchased online. It will save your dad time and help conserve water. This product is non-toxic and placed in recyclable bottles. Other eco-friendly car products are also available, so decide what is best for your dad.

6. The nightcap dad
Make your dad feel as if he’s in Mexico with Casa Noble Tequila. This organic tequila is slow-cooked and extracts agave, a sweet nectar. Casa Noble’s fermentation is 100 percent natural and tripled distilled. Just click on the Web site’s “Where to Buy” tab to find a store near you. If your dad doesn’t like tequila, then consider 360 Vodka.  This is the first eco-friendly vodka available in flavors such as 360 Cola and 360 Double Chocolate.  Purchase at a store located near you in the U.S.

7. The grooming dad
Want to save your dad time in the morning before work? Then get him Body Verde EZ Waterless Shave. He can shave with an all-natural and biodegradable product that saves water. All he has to do is apply on face, shave and rub in the leftover cream as a moisturizer. Body Verde also offers other eco-friendly products that can be purchased online so make sure to check out its Web site.

8. The athletic dad
If your dad likes to stay fit, you probably know his tennis shoes, clothes and even gym bag start to smell after awhile. To help your day stay fit and stay fresh, Fresh Wave odor eliminating products is the way to go. You can choose from sprays, multi-purpose additive, pearl packs or crystal gels. All products are non-toxic and natural preventing irritation. Other odor removers for the car and house are also available and can be purchased via 800-662-6367, online or at retail stores.

9. The brewski dad
Does your dad like beer? Does your dad like to smell good after a shower? With Pink Parchment Soaps he can combine the two. These handmade and natural soaps come in a variety of beer flavors including Blue Moon, Budweiser and Sam Adams. For only $5 and above, your dad can enjoy his beer while in the shower.

Photo Credit: Pink Parchment Soaps

Photo Credit: Pink Parchment Soaps

10. The dapper dad
Want your dad to look trendy? Try Nau sustainable urban and outdoor apparel. You can get a jacket made from 100 percent recycled polyester or a short sleeve polo with merino wool that breathes easily. Wallets, billfolds and bags are also available online or at a retail store near you.

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