AFC Energy Launches New ‘Power of the Future’ Campaign

Fuel Cells Take Center Stage in the Clean Energy Conversation

By Allyson Koerner 

AFC Energy plc (LSE:AFC), the world’s leading developer of low-cost alkaline fuel cells, has released a short film, “Power of the Future,” to further understanding of the fuel cell’s role in a clean energy future. In the face of fuel shortages and climate change, the film explores the origin of the fuel cell, its potential for reducing emissions today and its role in a low-carbon future.

This modern approach to communications runs alongside a digital ‘Power of the Future’ campaign. Aimed at a wider public audience, the campaign uses social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to encourage the debate about the need for clean and cost effective energy sources during a time of escalating demand.

‘The increased exposure of AFC Energy’s technology is of huge importance as the debate about climate change continues,” said Ian Balchin, CEO of AFC Energy. “I am very excited about the new campaign and hope that it encourages educational growth, wider interest in the clean energy conversation and a realization of the role AFC Energy’s fuel cell systems will have.”

The company’s innovative strategy is also marked by a new website design, a fresh-faced logo and detailed interviews with the company’s technical director. A newsletter has also been launched to further educate internal employees and external stakeholders. 

“We place huge value on our shareholders and employees and feel that this is yet another effective way of channeling regular developments to them,” explained Balchin.

AFC Energy’s technology is focused on large-scale industrial applications and the objective of producing the lowest possible unit cost electricity. Its cutting-edge technology has significant implications for decarbonizing the economy, ensuring energy security and putting the U.K. at the forefront of green innovation. 

The company hopes that its contemporary approach to communications will ensure that fuel cells take center-stage as we move towards a low-carbon future.