Eat Out and Be Green: Top Organic Restaurants Nationwide

By Allyson Koerner

Eating healthy and sustainably is something we continue to incorporate into our culture. For example, organic restaurants are becoming more popular by the day. These eco-friendly dining establishments are great ways to support the environment while enjoying a delicious meal. Want to know more? Check out some of our favorite organic restaurants in the country.

If you’re visiting Beantown anytime soon, make sure to dine at Henrietta’s Table, where you can enjoy some of the best meals made from locally grown products. Located in The Charles Hotel in Harvard Square, Henrietta’s was opened in 1995 by Chef Peter Davis, a firm believer in preparing food with organic products grown using sustainable agriculture methods. Davis is an avid supporter of local farmers and growers. When finished eating, diners receive trading cards printed with information about the local vendors who supplied their food. A market is even located in the restaurant giving customers the chance to purchase the same products they just ate. The Charles Hotel also hosts a farmers’ market in Charles Square supporting farmers from Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Henrietta’s is a great opportunity to enjoy a fresh meal while also learning the importance of eating and cooking organically.

The Windy City, known for its deep dish pizza, provides other great eateries such as Uncommon Ground. With two locations, you can enjoy organic meals while dining at the original in Wrigleyville or in Edgewater. Established in 1991, Uncommon Ground is known for its green initiatives. At the Edgewater location, it has both Chicago and the nation’s first certified organic roof top farm built with recycled plastic and wood composites and designed by LEED architect Peter Moser. It includes solar thermal panels, produces varieties of produce used on the menu and has four beehives providing honey for dishes and pollination for the community. Both restaurant locations are committed to recycling, using eco-friendly paper and cleaning products, and preparing locally grown food. In addition, the restaurants encourage employees to travel by alternative forms of transportation. Uncommon Ground also offers a 10 percent Low Carbon discount if diners travel in an eco-friendly way!

Los Angeles
The land of celebrities and fame has some of the best organic restaurants! Next time you’re there make sure to try Real Food Daily (RFD), the only restaurant in Los Angeles serving a 100 percent vegan menu made with organically grown foods. RFD first opened in 1988 as a home food delivery service and eventually expanded into sit-down restaurants located in Santa Monica and West Hollywood. Creator, founder and owner, Ann Gentry, works to raise the standards of vegetarian restaurants. When dining, you don’t have to worry about eating processed foods, as RFD creates dishes from fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains and many other products! RFD incorporates 90 percent of locally grown foods from farmers who use certified organic methods into its menu. Gentry’s sustainable practices also include purifying cooking and drinking water through reverse osmosis, participating in the local composting program and packaging to-go food in biodegradable containers. No worries, none of the food contains animal products, refined sugars, white flours, preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

New York City
In the city that never sleeps, Angelica Kitchen provides organic plant-based cuisine made fresh with sustainable agriculture. First opened in 1976, Angelica’s respects the environment and makes sure to prepare fresh dishes each day. Angelica’s only serves food with ingredients that are no more than 48 hours old after being harvested. The menu is always changing with the seasons, weather and availability of ingredients. Like many other organic restaurants, Angelica’s uses no refined sugars, preservatives, dairy, eggs or animal products and at least 95 percent of the ingredients are ecologically grown. In addition to sustainable food practices, the restaurant uses renewable energy and high quality backwash carbon systems to filter water and to remain active in composting and food donation programs.

Washington D.C.
Our nation’s capital isn’t only known for its political history but is also home to the first certified organic restaurant in America! Restaurant Nora serves organic new-American cuisine made with organically sustainable food. Nora’s was opened in 1979 by Chef Nora Pouillon, originally from Austria, who has remained committed to healthy, sustainable foods and practices. The menu changes daily and offers at least 95 percent of certified organic food provided by sustainable growers and farmers. When dining at Nora’s make sure to try the grass-fed beef, applewood smoked trout or hand-made goat cheeses, when in season. Also, Nora’s offers more than 100 wines from small wine producers!

These are just a few of the great organic restaurants throughout the U.S.! During your travels, make sure to remain eco-friendly and dine at restaurants providing fresh and sustainable foods. Who wants to pay for a meal if it’s not worth it? There is nothing like eating a freshly cooked meal where you can savor every bite!