Eco-Cleaning Service Cleans Up with Care

Maid Brigade Offers Safe, Green Clean Certified® Services

By Allyson Koerner 

These days, it’s hard to find the time to clean. Between work, play and for those of us that have children — carting the kids to and from daycare, school and extracurricular activities — there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Even if you do manage to find the time to maintain your house’s regular upkeep, is your home really clean?  So many of today’s cleaning products contain harsh chemicals and toxins that are bad for your home, health and for the environment. 

We’ve found a great eco-cleaning service that will calm all your worries. 

Green Clean Certified®, Maid Brigade is the first and only house cleaning service to execute a certification program for green cleaning. The company provides services that better your health and the environment.

Photo Credit: Maid Brigade

Photo Credit: Maid Brigade

Maid Brigade, established in 1979, is headquartered in Atlanta and has more than 400 franchises in the U.S. and Canada. It provides a safe and healthy environment for its customers by eliminating the use of harsh and toxic chemicals, thus any chance of pollution in the home. 

“The decision to offer a green cleaning service was driven by our commitment to our customers and our employees,” said Howard Purdy, Maid Brigade’s Vice President of Operations. “We performed our due diligence to research the best green products and practices, and to incorporate those into our complete green cleaning system.” 

Maid Brigade cleans with products that are certified by Green Seal, a non-profit organization providing environmental certification for products and services. 

To become Green Seal certified, products must meet several criteria such as containing no carcinogens and toxins, being non-corrosive and having a lesser impact on the environment. All around, Green Seal is safer for your family, pets and the environment. 

Betco, a Green Earth® line carrying the official Green Seal consists of cleaning and maintenance products manufactured to reduce its environmental impact, is the main line of products Maid Brigade uses for cleaning. The products contain no heavy metals and non-carcinogenic ingredients. 

In addition to its green cleaning products, Maid Brigade uses allergy-free and anti-bacterial cloths and mops. These last longer than paper products and are made from a scientific weave of polyester and polyamide removing dirt and grime and that prevent damage to any surface.

Maid Brigade Cleaning Materials Photo Credit: Maid Brigade

Maid Brigade Cleaning Materials Photo Credit: Maid Brigade

Maid Brigade also uses the leader in commercial backpack vacuum cleaners, ProTeam® Four Level Filtration. These vacuums are certified through the Carpet & Rug Institute’s Green Label Program and meet standards for soil removal and dust containment. The vacuums also remove 99.9 percent of particles in the air compared to other maid services. 

A scientific field study conducted in 2007 concluded that Maid Brigade’s Green Clean Certified™ system removed three times more particles including dust, pollen and mold than leading competitors. 

Also newly incorporated into Maid Brigade’s services is the VapurClean™ Advantage, where water is converted to a dry steam vapor killing dust mites and bacteria while removing allergens, bacteria, mold and mildew. A chemical-free process, VapurClean™ is the only EPA-registered disinfection device available. 

Maid Brigade promotes green cleaning not only to benefit the environment, but also to improve the public’s health. According to Whitney Samuelson, director of marketing for Maid Brigade, “We stand on the platform of green cleaning because we found that our customers seek green cleaning products and services to improve their health and reduce toxins in their home.” 

Maid Brigade customizes its maid services to your individual needs and budget. You can hire Maid Brigade for house cleaning and also for seasonal deep cleanings, post-construction or renovation, and for asthma or allergy relief. There is no set cost when hiring Maid Brigade but fees are estimated based on certain cleaning factors such as the size of area, the number of occupants, and cleaning tasks. Maid Brigade connects you with an office to create an accurate estimate. For more information, visit to access the estimate form. 

Furthermore, Maid Brigade is continuously testing green maid service products and procedures to ensure the company offers the healthiest and most effective green house cleaning service available. To learn more, watch Maid Brigade’s Green Clean TV web video series educating consumers and the public about green cleaning. The series is hosted by Annie Bond, a nationally acclaimed author and Green Living expert. You can also click here to read Maid Brigade’s e-Green Cleaning Guide for other great green cleaning tips!