Ten Easy Ways to be Green at Work

By Allyson Koerner

Most of us know how stressful work can be, so why not make your day a little better by helping out the environment? You can have a productive day all while being green! Here are some useful and easy eco-friendly tips to incorporate into your daily work schedule.

1. Replace that plastic water bottle and Styrofoam coffee cup with a reusable travel mug and water bottle.

2. Avoid that pesky driving commute and walk, bike or take public transportation to and from work. You’d be astounded by how much this reduces your carbon footprint!

3. Stop brown bagging and start using a reusable lunch box like you used to in your childhood days!

4. In addition to using a reusable lunch box, make healthy lunches by incorporating organic and fresh foods.

5. Don’t forget to shut down your computer when leaving the office for the day. If you’re not using it, there is no point in letting it run all night. Even when it’s shut down, make sure to also unplug it to avoid using residual energy.

6. Reduce paper use by only printing documents when absolutely necessary. If you have to print something, make sure to print on both sides!

7. Begin recycling. Those containers are there for a reason. If your office doesn’t have one, talk to management about purchasing one and create your own office recycling program!

8. Invest in some eco-friendly office supplies like recycled cardboard binders, remanufactured printer and toner cartridges and briefcases made from recycled rubber or hemp.

9. When you can, turn off your lights and use natural lighting. Bonus:  This also helps keep your office cool.

10. Spread the word! Encourage your co-workers to become green and improve your workplace atmosphere.

These are just a few ways to transform your work life while improving the state of the environment. Don’t forget, you can even use these green ideas at home!

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