Harpoon Brewery: Great Tasting Beer With Sustainable Practices

n7114187230_2011187_7501385There’s nothing like cracking open a crisp beer after a long day of work, so make sure the next time you reach into the fridge you pull out a beer made by Harpoon Brewery.

Harpoon provides an assortment of great tasting beverages while incorporating sustainable brewing and operations practices to ensure customers receive the best tasting and most eco-friendly products possible.

Located in Boston, Mass., and Windsor, Vt., Harpoon is dedicated to its products and the environment. The brewery assures the most sustainable practices in its production, offices, sales and marketing.

100_0534[1]To save energy, Harpoon integrated EnerNOC’s DemandSMART program into its business to create an energy saving environment. DemandSMART helps Harpoon track its energy use assisting in the breweries’ abilities to create more clean and reliable energy. EnerNOC is known for helping businesses utilize energy in a more sustainable and intelligent way.

Harpoon also implements many other environmentally friendly practices into its breweries. For example, the company recycles all paper products, glass bottles and cardboard packaging materials. It also has motion sensory lighting, sells spent grain to farms for animal feed and encourages visitors to use alternative forms of transportation such as bicycling.

In addition to its sustainable production, Harpoon uses all-natural ingredients. If you’re in the mood for a great tasting cider, then Harpoon’s Cider is the way to go. Made from locally grown apples, the cider creates a smooth and satisfying taste in your mouth. Nothing quenches your thirst quite like cider!

100_0535Harpoon’s UFO Raspberry Hefeweizen is another eco-friendly beverage, as it’s made with 100 percent all-natural raspberries. If poured in a glass, it has a pink tint and once you take a sip the taste of raspberries tingle your taste buds. If you don’t like raspberries, no worries, because there is still a nice hint of that beer flavor we all love!

Harpoon puts a variety of beers on the shelf all year-long. Choose from the all-time favorites or UFO and seasonal beers. Each beer has its own personality, creating a new adventure each time you take a sip.

Want to taste one for yourself? Go have one at your favorite restaurant or bar! Even purchase any of Harpoon’s beer at stores across New England. If you want a true brewery experience, visit Harpoon and take a tour or do a tasting where you can learn about the history, brewing process and enjoy a variety of delicious beers!

~Allyson Koerner