Treat Your Dog to Organics

If dogs really are man’s best friend then don’t they deserve the highest quality food possible? healthy dog

Traditional dog food is primarily made from human by- products, which is a considerably scary thought. Market dog food is chemically altered to cover the rancid animal parts that are compacted into the small tin can. And due to the poor ingredients that are put into your dogs chow, there is an alarming amount of pesticides and preservatives put mixed in to prolong its shelf life. The food is then baked at an incredibly high heat to rid the food of bacteria, which kills any vitamins that might have been in it and makes the food’s nutritional value obsolete.

karma[1]What’s the alternative? Don’t worry! Companies such as Onesta Organics and Nutura’s Karma are dedicated to producing the healthiest food for your four-legged friend. That means high quality food that is not chemically altered and that doesn’t contain any harmful additives. Onesta Organics only uses human-grade organic ingredients in its products including fresh, local, and fair trade ingredients. The company also does the manufacturing in its own facility allowing Onesta to oversee the manufacturing process from the beginning stages of ingredient storage and sanitation to the final stages of cooking and packaging. Onesta raises the bar by using a low temperature dehydration process that preserves the natural nutrients in the organic material, thus providing the vitamins your dogs need to be healthy.

Karma is Nutura’s organic super-premium dog food.  Karma is leading the way in organic dog food. Ninety-five percent of its ingredients are USDA certified organic—the highest  rating of any dog food brand on today’s market!  Karma is “good for the body, good for the soul, and good for the environment.” The company’s philosophy is that dogs are healthiest when they eat whole natural foods such as USDA certified turkey, lamb, chicken, vegetables, and Grade A dairy products. Karma also meticulously scrutinizes its carbon footprint and works closely with farmers dedicated to a sustainable contaminant-free future. Karma dog food is also packaged in a recyclable and biodegradable bag.

onestaSo, where can you buy your dog this incredible food? It’s easy! Simply go online to Onesta Organics and Nutura’s Karma to find the best organic dog food for your furry friend! Both companies also offer organic and holistic treats! So go ahead and treat your dog to the organics today!

~Jennifer Scotto