Get Creative with Eco-Friendly Crafts for the Holidays

potato stampWith the fall and winter holidays just around the corner, we have found a few ways to save money and reduce the impact we all have on the Earth. Below is a list of some of our favorite eco-craft ideas that will get you in the mood for the holiday season.

Halloween is Green
For a spooky and fun way to decorate for Halloween, try skull-themed potato stamps.  All you will need is a potato, paring knife, black or white paint and a melon baller. By simply cutting out a skull shape and applying paint to one side of the cut potato you can add a unique touch to almost any table cloth, costume, treat bag or place mat.

Milk jug pumpkins are another way to enjoy the holidays while still thinking about the environment.  With a little orange and black paint you can have a great pumpkin to decorate the house. These are also great to fill with candy and to use for party favors.

Thanksgiving Homemade
Turkey table place cards are a really fun project for kids of all ages.  To make one, begin by cutting an empty cereal box and folding it in half to use for the place card itself. Then, cut old junk mail into thin strips of various lengths and fold into loops for the turkey’s feathers. Next, cut a small round shape from the cereal box for the turkey’s main body. Finally, glue all pieces together on the card; add the eyes, nose and feet with a marker to give your turkey personality.

paper packagingRecycled Christmas Craft Ideas
Making ornaments from things lying around your house is a fun way to save money and go green for Santa’s visit down the chimney. An eco-friendly project that anyone can make is a puzzle wreath.

All you need is a few pieces from an old jigsaw puzzle, paint and glue. Paint each puzzle piece the same color and glue end-to-end making a circular shape. You can add candy such as gum drops, marshmallows, or another tasty treat to add personality and style to your wreath.

Wrapping your gifts with old wallpaper scraps, clothing, or brown paper bags is also a money saver and eco-friendly way to enjoy the Christmas festivities. By using plain paper bags you can personalize each gift with ribbons, glitter or flowers and create a special touch for each recipient.

Know of some other eco-craft projects or want to share your thoughts on our list? We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment or send us an email at

~Monica Breeden