100% Natural Nautical Rope Pet Toys

Island Time Pets Group ShotCaptain David Bill’s fascination for knot tying began in Boy Scouts and evolved over a life of sailing and using knots and splices. When Captain Bill took on a sailing partner, a yellow lab named Ceilidh, he quickly found that most of the pet toys available on the market are made overseas and few with any care or of natural, quality materials. This is when he began Island Time Pet Toys.

Island Time Pet Toys and Accessories are made by hand in the U.S., using a combination of traditional nautical rope methods and only the finest quality 100 percent cotton, American-made, non-toxic rope. Cats also love playing with the rope and inspired the design of the Cat’s Paw and Pigtails toys in the style of a “monkey’s fist” knot just for them.

These All American Eco-originals are available online at www.islandtimepets.com. Also visit Captain Bill’s blog for musings about boats and life.