Powered by People: Palau Oceania Odyssey Leaves No Footprint

Palau Oceania OdysseySea kayaking is the key to what makes Boundless Journeys’ Palau Oceania Odyssey active adventure eco-friendly. In fact, the motto you think of when considering this eco-friendly adventure is the old adage “Take only pictures, leave only footprints,” and in this case no footprints are even left behind!

Sea kayaking, snorkeling, and walking are just a few of the no fuel required activities that are offered. In addition, Carp Island Resort, one of the properties included on this tour, has built guest cottages on stilts to allow breezes to provide natural “air-conditioning” ― just one example of the simple things that can be done to minimize travelers’ impacts.

But perhaps just as important as the elements of the destination and the way Boundless Journeys’ guests interact with it is the “take away” from their adventures. Guests may return home from this South Pacific paradise with a renewed sense of commitment to treating the Earth better by incorporating eco-friendly practices into their daily lives. The natural wonderland of Palau, with its spectacular reefs and poignant WWII history, offers just this kind of life-changing experience. As a destination, Palau has been an important member of the Pacific Islands Forum, and in 2008, was a party to the Niue Declaration on Climate Change, which seeks to mitigate the impact of global climate change on these very vulnerable low-lying island nations.

The tiny South Pacific island nation of Palau, which boasts one of the world’s finest marine ecosystems, is full of opportunities for exploration and discovery and as a Boundless Journeys’ guest you can indulge in all of them. Imagine the richness of a natural wonderland that lies at the confluence of three major ocean currents. Guests of Boundless Journeys will spend days kayaking among the famed Rock Islands, uninhabited and shaped like giant, jungle-covered limestone mushrooms, riddled with sea caves, tunnels, lakes, and secluded white sand beaches – all protected by a barrier reef just offshore. From a base camp on a pristine stretch of beach, you’ll explore with mask and snorkel, swimming with Palau’s 1500 species of fish, in the midst of coral reef that has four times the diversity of Caribbean reef systems.

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