Who knew that your next sweater could be made from bamboo?

Screen shot 2010-11-29 at 11.06.54 PMSounds preposterous, but yes, bamboo is the base ingredient in the 100 percent viscose Casualmere® used for its super soft line of bamboo clothing and accessories. Think of the feel of your most loved and worn t-shirt and you get the idea. The company offers affordable everyday essentials for men and women including tees, polos, relaxed dresses and scarves.

“Viscose made from bamboo boasts many superior qualities that make it an ideal fabric for clothing,” said Dennis Fasone, Casualmere President. “Not only is renewable bamboo generally sourced in a more environmentally friendly manner, but the softness of Casualmere’s high-content bamboo knit is unparalleled.”

“We’re concentrating our offerings on the basics found in everyone’s closets, because everyone can use a little luxury every day,” Fasone continued.

Even better, Casualmere donates a percentage of all sales to cancer research and the California Oncology Research Institute.

Casualmere products are available exclusively online at www.casualmere.com or by calling 888-355-5545.