Forty 1◦ North: Hotel Marina Resort

41 NorthNewport’s Newest Waterfront Luxury Destination with an Eco-Flare

Much more than just a geographic coordinate, Forty 1 North is one of the newest and trendiest green resort destinations in Rhode Island. Carefully designed by award-winning DAS Architects, this project boasts the best in luxury design and is one of the first hotels to utilize recycled and reclaimed finishes throughout. The newly built hotel is LEED registered and hopes to achieve Silver certification.

Leaving no detail overlooked, every nook and cranny of this boutique hotel is designed with the environment in mind. The developers have gone to great lengths to incorporate eco-friendly characteristics into the architecture, design, and service of the hotel.

Some of the many green features include:

  • LED and CFL light bulbs are used to reduce energy consumption by up to fifty percent
  • Much of the wood used in the hotel is FSC-certified
  • Concrete used for walkways and plazas is mixed with recycled glass and shells which reduces the amount of new cement needed for the concrete mixture
  • Floor-to-ceiling south and west-facing windows around the hotel reduce the need for artificial lighting
  • High efficient spray-on foam insulation is used to create a highly energy-efficient building envelope
  • Following the manufactures’ commitment to the environment, MALINI+GOETZ bath and spa amenities, are used throughout the hotel
  • Green Earth towels are available in all guest bathrooms. Made from super-fine cotton, the towels dry quickly after being washed, thus reducing energy costs.
  • Low-flow shower heads and dual-flush toilets in guests’ rooms help reduce water usage by as much as forty percent

Built on the beautiful historic waterfront, DAS Architects designed Forty 1◦ North to be different. The elegant white exterior with gambrel roof forms and porch structures conform to the prevalent Newport 18th century architecture however, the interior is a surprising contrast. The hotel was conceptualized with an eco-purpose in mind.

Mostly naturally lit entry ways and exposed wood beams bring a touch of the outside in. Each of the 24 guest suites are complete with a spa-like bathroom including eco-friendly products and a large fireplace which provide extra comfort and also reduces energy needed to heat the hotel.

Along with world-class hospitality service Forty 1 North offers a fully redesigned state-of-the-art Marina. This facility provides guests with premium services such as docking space for yachts up to 250 feet, cable television and telephones, indoor and outdoor dining, and complimentary wireless Internet.

Other amenities guests can enjoy include:  Two spectacular seaside restaurants, in-room spa services, and an iPad located in each room that contains paperless directories, menus, daily newspapers, and maps. Guests can also experience hospitality grade LED TV’s, which Forty 1 North is the first in the country to offer. There are even special events held during the year such as organic wine tasting, yoga classes, and sophisticated holiday parties.

Forty 1 North is the new hottest place to be for a little green, seaside luxury indulgence. For more information about the resort visit

~Monica Breeden