First LEED-Registered Sporting Camp Lodge Opens in Maine

Gorman Chairback cabin. Credit: John Darak, Courtesy of AMC

Gorman Chairback cabin. Credit: John Darak, Courtesy of AMC

Explore Moosehead Lake Region at AMC’s New Lodge

Looking for an eco-friendly adventure in Maine’s 100-Mile Wilderness region? Then get ready to explore the Appalachian Mountain Club’s (AMC) new sporting camp lodge in the Moosehead Lake Region. 

The Gorman Chairback Lodge and Cabins sit on Long Pond as one of the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-registered sporting camp lodges in Maine and one of several backcountry facilities in the nation.

The lodge is part of AMC’s Maine Woods Initiative, “an innovative approach to land conservation that combines outdoor recreation, resource protection, sustainable forestry, and community partnerships in Maine’s 100-Mile Wilderness region.” 

Designed by LDa Architecture and Design, the lodge provides several environmentally friendly features such as power through solar panels, extensive insulation and a biomass heating system. 

Furthermore, the lodge is a great place to relax. Guests can enjoy a home-cooked meal in the dining room overlooking the beautiful scenery or relax in a private log cabin lit by gas light, furnished with queen beds and heated woodstoves. 

Originally built as a private camp in 1867, the lodge eventually operated commercially and became a private summer residence in 1990. “We’re pleased to be reopening this historic property to the public and protecting public access to a spectacular piece of the Maine Woods,” said AMC Senior Vice President Walter Graff.

Gorman Chairback is just one of the stops on a 37-mile-long cross-country ski trail and connects with three other sporting camps, including two owned and operated by AMC. 

Aerial view of Gorman Chairback. Credit: Matt Heid, Courtesy of AMC

Aerial view of Gorman Chairback. Credit: Matt Heid, Courtesy of AMC

AMC offers guests the option of traveling between lodges, or spending several days at one location. The lodges offer trails for skiing and snowshoeing, along with hiking, watching for moose and fishing. Gorman Chairback also has programs for visitors to develop skills in cross-country skiing, fly-fishing, backpacking and paddling. 

Founded in 1876, the AMC is America’s oldest conservation and recreation organization promoting the protection, enjoyment and understanding of the Appalachian environment. AMC looks to receive LEED-certification for Gorman Chairback later in the year. 

~Allyson Koerner