Five Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

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Maid Brigade Offers Tips to Eliminate Winter Stress and Illness

Women are twice as likely than men to suffer from depression including seasonal  affective disorder (SAD), which causes feelings of depression and lethargy during  the  winter months.  Winter flu activity is also increasing throughout the U.S.,  according  to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which reported  nearly 25  states that cited widespread or regional geographic influenza activity in  the early part  of February 2011.

While it’s normal to worry about increased stress and illness during the blistery  winter months, Maid Brigade Consumer Advocate Marie Stegner, offers five winter  survival tips to help families stay both emotionally and physically healthy.

Blues Beaters:

1. Drink green tea. Known to have a high amount of polyphenols (chemicals with  potent antioxidant properties), green tea provides the same level of energy and  attentiveness with fewer ups and downs than other caffeinated drinks.

  1. 2. Let the sun shine in. Maximize the amount of time spent in the sunlight by opening up curtains and venturing outside.
  2. 3. Exercise. One hour of aerobic exercise outside has the same therapeutic effects as 2.5 hours of indoor light treatment.  So hit up the slopes or organize an ice-skating adventure at the local pond.

Flu Beaters:

  1. 4. Eliminate germs where they breed. When cleaning to eliminate germs, remember that spraying and wiping isn’t enough—the disinfectant needs to remain on the surface being cleaned for up to 10 minutes to effectively kill lingering germs and bacteria.
  1. 5. Throw out nasty chemicals. Ordinary household disinfectants contain neurological toxins that can be harmful, especially to children, pets and the elderly. Eliminate harsh chemicals from your arsenal of cleaning supplies and replace them with ecologically sound disinfectants or homemade, natural solutions including vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and cornstarch.

Maid Brigade cares about the health of today’s families. With more than 25 years of experience, the company is the national leader in green cleaning practices and has a longstanding legacy of offering the latest in maid services and technologies. Maid Brigade is the first and only Green Clean Certified® cleaning services franchise that implements a certification program for green house cleaning so customers know that they’re getting a green cleaning that is safe and truly green. For more information on Maid Brigade or for more healthy living tips visit,, or