Nature’s Gate: Botanicals for Beauty

Credit: Nature's Gate

Credit: Nature's Gate

Gentle and Healthy Products for People and the Environment 


I love avocado and the thought that I can enjoy it as part of my diet and also include it in my daily “beauty” regimen. Enter the Nature’s Gate line of lotions, shampoos and skincare products, which uses botanical ingredients for natural and pure remedies. Lotion ingredients such as avocado and aloe offer powerful soothing and healing properties along with fresh herbs, fruits and oils. The lotions are moisturizing without the unpleasant scents of artificial fragrances. 

Nature’s Gate also offers shampoos, which are gentle, improve hair health and the natural ingredients are perfect for all hair types. Harsh chemicals found in other products can damage your hair, but with Nature’s Gate, your hair is left feeling smooth with a healthy shine. 

The bath products are perfect for sensitive skin because they do not dry or irritate the skin; like much soap in the market. Nature’s Gate soaps are full of vitamin E (an antioxidant) and shea butter to soften and renew the skin. Varieties that contain pomegranate, tea tree oil, ginger and grapefruit are also available. In addition, the packaging is fully recyclable to help preserve the Earth’s resources for a greener tomorrow. 

Kind to your hair, skin and to the environment; even better they are available at Whole Foods, which makes them easily accessible to many of us who are lucky enough to be near this popular market.