Presenting Eco-Friendly Hotel Guest Amenities


Credit: Eartherapy

Credit: Eartherapy

Concept Amenities Introduces New Line of Biodegradable Products  

More and more guests are considering a hotel’s green platform as a key factor when selecting a hotel for vacation or for a weekend getaway. More importantly, room amenities are now becoming a vital part of the eco-equation. 

Concept Amenities has introduced, Eartherapy™, a new line of truly biodegradable hotel guest amenities providing guests with essentials that are green and soothing. These eco-friendly products are fully recyclable with plastic packaging containing Eco Pure®, an organic based additive that renders all common plastics biodegradable when exposed to organic matter in a landfill environment.  Even better, Eartherapy™ amenities are free of parabens, mineral oil and unwanted preservatives. 

The line includes a nourishing Shampoo, a hydrating Conditioner and a refreshing Bath Foam with an earth-inspired Pine & Eucalyptus fragrance keeping guests smelling great and relaxed. Afterward, guests can soothe their skin with Eartherapy™ Body Lotion enriched with Grapeseed oil, organic Aloe Vera extract, Lanolin and vitamin E. 

Concept Amenities has a long history in the eco-arena, with 27 years of leadership in the supply of guest amenities that deliver on quality, luxury, style and environmental solutions.