Imprint Comfort Mats: Comfort for Body, Sole & Planet

Credit: Imprint Comfort Mats

Credit: Imprint Comfort Mats

What’s trendy in the home marketplace? Hint: it’s a technology that is good for your body and our planet. The answer? Anti-fatigue technology is the “new black” when it comes to must-have items for the most stylish homes. 

In the gourmet marketplace, anti-fatigue is a fairly common term because chefs and food-service employees spend a lot of time on their feet. Large anti-fatigue mats are everywhere in professional kitchens to ease the risk of lower back, leg and foot pain for those who work in the food industry. However, the pain felt from standing a lot is not exclusive to chefs. Anyone who spends a lot of time cooking and cleaning in their home knows this discomfort too. 

In 2009, eco lifestyle company Sublime took the anti-fatigue technology used in restaurants and brought it into the home through the Imprint Comfort Mat. The mats are good for our planet as they are made out of a new, proprietary ecotechnology that is environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and is manufactured without the use of toxic metals. 

However, we didn’t stop with being good for the planet. The mats are also good for our bodies. When tested by a major University School of Ergonomics, the Imprint Mats were “shown to significantly reduce pain and lessen discomfort” when compared to standing on a hard surface. In fact, study participants saw a reduction of overall fatigue by 56 percent, lower leg fatigue reduced by 63 percent and a 51 percent reduction in back pain. 

Imprint Mats come in several patterns, four sizes and up to 12 colors at a comfortable price point of less than $60. Imprint is available online and through leading retailers including Bed, Bath & Beyond, Office Depot,, and other major retailers. 

~Philip Risk

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