Machu Picchu Inn-to-Inn Trek

Credit: Active Riding Trips

Credit: Active Riding Trips

Take an Eco-Friendly Walk or Ride on Ancient Trails 

This Active Riding and Walking Trip, on foot or horseback for qualified riders or hikers follows an ancient Inca pilgrimage trail to Machu Picchu called the Salkantay Trail.  As there are no roads in the area, participants trek in the most remote of places that can only be accessed by horseback or on foot.

The accommodations are luxury eco-lodges that required months of work with the government to create and seem to exist as an oasis in the middle of a lovely, but isolated area.  The lodges are all built to blend in with the environment and are self-sustaining. Every piece of furniture and equipment was brought by mule or on foot. In addition to being created with the environment in mind, the lodges and the treks bring much needed education and work to the local Quechua people. 

Each lodge runs on its own generator and has its own water purification system, as well as a septic system. Furthermore, the eco-lodges include bathrooms with heated towel racks, beds with crisp linen sheets and soft down comforters and an outdoor Jacuzzi situated in such a way offering the most amazing views of the area. 

The trained staff, previously local farmers, provides a warm and welcoming experience and delight in sharing the area with visitors. They are also trained in farming techniques and much of the food for meals is grown on the premises. 

The trail takes you through local villages, some with only two to three houses, past ancient burial grounds, and through the Salkantay Pass with an elevation of 14,900 feet. You’ll also travel through a tropical, forested area and along valleys that irrigate the mountainside farms until you finally reach Machu Picchu.  There, trekkers get to meet the local Quechua people with their gentle, humble and hospitable spirit as they delight in sharing their cooking style, incredible textile skills and even their ceremonial practices. 

Each trek also enjoys a private guided tour of Machu Picchu, as well as several hours of time for personal exploring before heading back to Cusco and the accessible world. 

~Stacey Adams