Maid Brigade Inc. Expands into Three New Markets

Visual2National cleaning franchise offers waived royalty fees for six months for the first franchise opened in Kansas City, Oklahoma City and Norfolk

Kansas City, Oklahoma City and Norfolk professionals looking for a low investment, high return and recession resistant business opportunity can now take advantage of waived royalty fees for six months for the first Maid Brigade cleaning franchise opened in their area.

Maid Brigade is the only Green Clean Certified® house cleaning franchise with more than 400 franchises throughout the U.S. and Canada. Ranked a “Top 500” franchise by Entrepreneur magazine for more than a decade, the green cleaning franchise is reporting exponential sales increases as of December 2010 and is now expanding into the Kansas City, Oklahoma City and Norfolk marketplaces.

Maid Brigade’s reported sales numbers for December 2010 mark the largest sales increase in a single month for the cleaning services franchise since the “recession” hit more than two years ago. December 2010 same store sales for Maid Brigade were up 6.8 percent with total system sales up 8.6 percent over December 2009. From August to November 2010, the house cleaning franchise reported an average three percent increase in sales.

This is coupled with promising projections that residential cleaning services revenue will hit $14 million by 2014 with maid services revenue to reach nearly $10 million that same year. And demand for household cleaning services is projected to grow by seven percent overall, according to research by Mediamark Research, Inc., TGE Demographics, Inc., and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

“These statistics are a very encouraging sign of what’s to come for Maid Brigade and the home services marketplace as a whole,” says Bart Puett, president and CEO of Maid Brigade, Inc.

Demand for residential cleaning services is driven by time starved, dual-income households. As more consumers experience time constraints and added home and lifestyle pressures, Maid Brigade has seen residential cleaning services evolve into the number one service request by women.

In addition, as the number of empty nesters continues to rise and “middle age” households move into the 55 to 64 years old age group, this will propel the growth of many services, including domestic cleaning, within their age bracket.

“By all accounts, these driving factors and our steady sales increases point to an extremely promising future for Maid Brigade,” comments Puett.

For information on Maid Brigade or to learn more about waived royalty fees for the first Maid Brigade franchise opened in Kansas City, Oklahoma City and Norfolk visit or call 1-800-722-MAID.