OilClean™ Bioremediation Agent Receives EPA Designation

Provides Advanced, Monitored Oil Bioremediation for Contaminated Water and Soils

Marsh Clean-Up Credit: OilClean

Marsh Clean-Up Credit: OilClean

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has listed Pro-Act Biotech’s OilClean™ bioremediation agent for oil-contaminated environments on the EPA National Contingency Plan Product Schedule. The non-invasive, innovative, and self-powered OilClean system automatically distributes oil-eating microbes, nutrients, and oxygen and features onsite and remote system management capabilities.

OilClean combines biological and patented technologies to naturally degrade oil and restore oil-polluted ecosystems. A joint venture between Pro-Act Biotech® and EcoSolutions LLC, is the only system available that optimizes treatment by monitoring water quality in the treatment zone to balance nutrients and dissolved oxygen to achieve efficient and reliable results. The advanced OilClean system automatically regulates the flow of additives via the Control Panel to maximize the remediation and restoration process. OilClean microbes continue to multiply until the oil is gone and unlike dispersants will not harm the environment. 

Effective for pre-treatment of oil polluted waste such booms, rags, and plastics prior to landfill transfer, OilClean is also ideal for treatment in sensitive marsh and wetland environments and for ground water and soil remediation challenges.