Room with an Eco View: Estate Concordia


St. John is a place of many vistas and the secluded Southeastern shore where Estate Concordia Eco-Tents and Studios perch on the hillside is one of them. What it also offers is quiet from the hustle of Cruz Bay and close proximity to some of St. John’s nearly deserted beaches and extensive hiking trails. For the environmentally conscious, Estate Concordia also incorporates eco features throughout, while providing comfortable and simple accommodations that range from hillside tent/cabins to duplex loft suites. 

The property includes a freshwater, hillside swimming pool, a pavilion where guests can enjoy yoga almost daily and a super restaurant. Café Concordia serves dinner Tuesday through Sunday and incorporates what local ingredients are available in a tasty menu that changes daily and always includes at least one vegetarian option.

Disambiguation_CETThe entire property overlooks Salt Pond Bay and has a great view of Ram Head. Whether staying in the eco-tents or the studios, the units at the both far ends of the property offer the best vistas and are highly recommended. The resort is frequently sold out so you may not have your pick, but eco-tents 11 and 22 would be my choice upon a return visit.

Estate Concordia is adjacent to the U.S. Virgin Islands National Park and a few trails can be accessed right from the resort. You really do need a four-wheel drive vehicle here though in order to get around and to access many of the more secluded beaches and hiking opportunities. A car just isn’t going to get you there.

It’s been a dry season on St. John so there is not much for lush vegetation to be seen and water conservation is a huge concern for all. The Estate Concordia resort works to keep consumption down and augments water supplies by collecting rainwater in cisterns, which is then filtered for use and by conserving water wherever possible. Wastewater is also treated and reused for irrigation.

The Concordia Store is stocked with food and beverages for guests provisioning for meals or snacks and even had Stove Top stuffing available on my recent visit for those planning to roast a turkey on vacation! There are also a few small markets in Coral Bay, but no large grocery store except for Cruz Bay. Also important to know is that the only gas on the island is in Cruz Bay so you need to plan ahead.

Sustainable building practices are featured at Concordia Eco-Studios. Built with the Eco-Panels building system, an20100303_3_small advanced building system and specially glazed windows and doors for maximum cooling and minimum construction waste, the Concordia Eco-Studios set a new standard of sustainable building in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Each of the nine units also showcases the recycled art created at Maho Bay Art Center and are decorated with handmade glass countertops, tiles, and lampshades, batiked recycled fabric wall hangings and clay sconces fired at Maho Bay’s pallet-burning kiln.

Queen-sized beds, futons, solar-heated showers, full kitchens, private decks and an amazing view round out the offering in these slightly more “luxurious” accommodation options at Concordia.

To make reservations for a Concordia Eco-Studio please call 800-392-9004 or email Reservations @