The Fireplace Restaurant



Boston’s Leading Eco-Friendly Restaurant

For an environmentalist, or even just someone looking for a nice place to eat, restaurants that are both eco-friendly and delectable are few and far between. This is what makes The Fireplace in Brookline, Mass., all the more unique. A chic, suave and cozy fusion of green initiatives and culinary talent, The Fireplace continues to lead the charge in quality, environmentally-friendly cuisine.

Established in September 2001 by Brookline-native Jim Solomon, The Fireplace is situated at 1634 Beacon Street and is the centerpiece of the Washington Square junction it illuminates every night of the year – the shadow of the restaurant’s swirling, cursive nameplate highlighted against the storefront’s white brick façade.

The Fireplace was the first Green-certified restaurant in Boston, and was billed by the Boston Globe in 2009 as “the greenest of them all” in an article that explored local restaurants working to reduce their environmental impact. According to the Green Restaurant Association (GRA), Boston is the nation’s second-most successful city in terms of Green-certified restaurants, following New York.

Much of the success of the restaurant’s green initiatives are a result of owner Solomon’s belief in social and corporate responsibility (his father wrote speeches for former U.S. presidential nominee George McGovern), according to the Boston Globe. The restaurant places a premium on recycling, down to the frying oil, which it gives to a company that uses it for fuel. Solomon had energy-efficient lighting installed, and in accordance to GRA criteria, eliminated the use of anything Styrofoam.

“Our mission is to buy from local farmers and fishermen,” Solomon told the Boston Globe in 2009. “Our products are not trucked long distances. We’ve got mushroom foragers coming in the back door. We use produce from Ward’s and other local farms. We buy really just from New England.”

In a video produced by CitySquares on the restaurant’s website, Solomon said, “If you want to get away to the Cape or Nantucket but you couldn’t, you could come to The Fireplace and, kind of, capture that same feeling.” It is this rustic, local and cozy vibe that is the toast of Brookline.

Kane Carpenter