2011 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show Preview

Credit: interiordesign.net

Credit: interiordesign.net

This year’s KBIS to feature many new environmentally-friendly products

This year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), to be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada from April 26-28, is set to showcase numerous new high-tech products and technology, many of which focus on green and eco-friendly initiatives.

Looking to create the ultimate “green” laundry room?

Everyone knows that ordinary methods of drying clothes leave much to be desired. But BreezeDry, a new breakthrough system billed as the world’s most gentle, eco-friendly drying appliance, allows users to use natural outdoor air, or gently warmed indoor air to dry clothing. The BreezeDry system claims to offer numerous benefits:

  • Guards your clothes from shrinking, fading or fraying.
  • Prolongs the life of delicates such as fine lingerie, expensive silks, cottons or cashmeres, special beaded or sequined tops.
  • Dries much faster than drip-drying, without dripping on floors or cluttered clothing hanging all over your shower, bath and other rooms.
  • Saves as much as 90 percent of the energy consumed by traditional electric or gas dryers.
  • Allows natural drying in any season.
  • Is made of more than 30 percent recycled material.

Have a fear of germs spreading throughout the home?

Invented by Don Bunnell, the CLEANCut® Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser could be just what is needed. The CLEANCut® dispenser is a sanitary, no-touch paper towel dispenser that uses any brand of store-bought paper towel. Its patented operation uses LED Breaking Beam Technology and a self-sharpening blade to cut paper towels to any length regardless of the perforation.

Want to shower and save money?

Another of the numerous green products to be showcased at KBIS this year will be Fishman Thermo Technology’s revolutionary green shower faucet. Called the Eco-Pass, the faucet saves water, typically wasted while waiting for hot water to reach the shower, by re-circulating cool water from the hot-water pipes into the cold-water system. The system is controlled mechanically through an on-demand thermostatic valve. The company claims that owners of the new faucet could save between 8,000 and 15,000 gallons of water per year. Depending on their geographic location, homeowners’ savings could range from $20 to $250 (combined for water and sewer charges) per year!

Want more water filtration options?

Another company set to exhibit its water filtration technologies at 2011 KBIS is Zuvo Water. Specializing in providing clean, healthy and tasty water, the Zuvo Water Filtration System is as intelligent as it is effective, and fits in any kitchen. The system uses a patented five-step process to produce clean water: ozonation, ultraviolet light, photo-oxidation, filtration with lead removal, and post-filtration UV.

So, whether you’re looking for innovative green products for your kitchen or bathroom, or just want to spend some time learning about eco-friendly resourcefulness, the 2011 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show most definitely fits the bill.

­– Kane Carpenter