Earth Day Family Fun: Day 4

Day 4:  4/16 – Eggshell planter “Roses Are Red”

Spring is the perfect time for gardening, so why not take the time to make your own herb and spice garden with your children. Your can even create fun egghead eggshell planters. All you need is an eggshell, a little soil and some seeds. It’s the ultimate eco-friendly craft. Start by taking an inch thick strip of cardstock and making it into a ring.  This will hold your egg.  Then take a clean eggshell and break off just the top, use a small spoon to fill the egg, almost to the top, with potting soil. If you would like you can decorate the outside of the egg with a black marker or use old dyed Easter eggs.  Then sprinkle the soil with seeds and cover with another layer of soil.  Water carefully so as not to drown the seeds.  Keep the planter in a sunny location and within a week you should begin to see signs of life.