Green Your Skincare Routine

Screen shot 2011-04-05 at 10.15.56 PMSummer’s on the way and so is the need to focus on protecting your skin as you get out in the sun and enjoy the outdoor activities of the season. Finding all natural, fragrance-free skincare products is getting easier, but knowing what claims to trust can still be a challenge.

Skin Authority is one company that provides pure, powerful products backed by scientific research, clinical studies, and peer review. Its products are free from fragrances, dyes, parabens and animal testing and incorporate the highest concentrations of pure, unbuffered ingredients manufactured in FDA-approved labs.

Also, Skin Authority offers its Skin Healthy Lifestyle Program™, a healthy approach to skin care through expert guidance from certified professionals. Every one of its products comes with access to a personal Expert Skin Coach at no extra charge. This includes home follow-up and coaching by phone, email, or the web directly from Skin Authority.  The company also sponsors events throughout the year aimed at a healthier you.

The company’s GO! kits are easy combinations sized for the traveler and a great way to try the products to see what’s right for you. The Daily Cleanser, Sunscreen Moisturizer, Resurfacing Accelerator, and Tri-Power Peptide Hydrator included in the Go! Gorgeous kit are an easy to use and are an effective regime of daily skin renewal and care.

There’s also a GO! kit for men. This hassle-free skincare workout for men protects skin from premature aging and harmful sun and environmental exposure. GO! Man is great for guys on the go as it fits into gym bags, briefcases or carry-on luggage.

Skin Authority products are available at select retail locations nationwide and online at