Local Products Take the Lead with the Farm to Table Movement

Organic Produce DeliveryWith the arrival of warmer weather comes the craving for fresh vegetable, fruits, herbs and other locally-grown foods. This spring, more and more Bostonians are embracing the farm to table movement by shopping for locally grown and sourced products. As farms interact more closely with consumers and work to eliminate the middleman, a host of new options for good, healthy eating are emerging.

One option for Boston farm to table fans is getting your produce delivered to your home or office door by Boston Organics. Soon their local deliveries will expand with new fruits and vegetables for the spring.

“In terms of local food, most of it is in transition so what we try to do is keep going through our storage,” Boston Organics founder Jeff Barry said. “For local we are still trying to go through root vegetables harvested in the fall. Most of the stuff coming from the spring is coming from greenhouses. When we got into early/late spring last year we started having asparagus, potted basil, arugula. It’s in May that we start vegetables like collard greens and lettuce.”

Even through the winter months, Barry noticed a consistent stream of customers wanting to order produce straight from farms.

“Our business is growing but overall pretty steady,” Barry said. “With Michelle Obama promoting healthy eating in classrooms, factors are converging and making this kind of a service appealing. We follow the school year, so we are very busy in the winter and the spring; in the summer our business slows down.”

Boston Organics delivers via van and in some parts of the city, by bike. Customers can set up an online account to make ordering easy and Barry always has featured items that are seasonal in nature. Customers can individually select what they want to purchase or they can purchase one of the boxes that are set up for the week.

“Our purchasing of local organic produce is increasing,” Barry said. “We are buying more and we are giving growers more business; extending our network.

That trend is definitely growing and increasing as we figure out new ways for farms to connect directly with consumers and restaurants.”

The early summer season also brings with it other farm fresh food suppliers. Beginning in May, farmers’ markets in the Boston area will start opening once again. Copley Square and Central Square markets open in mid May, while Davis Square market opens towards the end of the month. Copley Square Farmers Market is one of the best Boston farmers markets around, boasting an impressive 30 vendors that offer more than 140 different goods.

To search for a farmers’ market nearby, visit Mass Farmers Markets and utilize their Massachusetts wide search portal.

~Aditi Pai