Boston Debuts Electric Car Chargers Near City Hall

Those with eco-friendly cars are receiving new perks today from the city of Boston: exclusive downtown parking, thanks to three electric-vehicle charging stations near City Hall Plaza.

An electric-vehicle charging station on Cambridge Street. Courtesy of the Boston Globe.

The city is hoping the coveted location on Cambridge Street will encourage drivers to switch from gas-powered vehicles to those that are more environmentally friendly. The stations offer two voltage levels to accommodate most electric vehicles—110/120 volt and 240 volt. To park at one of the stations costs the same as parking at a regular meter: just $1.25 per hour. However, if a gas-powered vehicle parks in an electric-car charging spot, the fine will be $55.

To further the city-wide initiative, Boston officials have encouraged developers to include a minimum of five charging stations with each new building. The city will cover the monthly electrical expense of the three new charging stations, estimated to be $15 in total.

Though electric car usage remains low in the United States, companies including Nissan and Chevy are bringing new electric models to Boston, according to City Hall officials. San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee issued an executive directive earlier this year for 80 charging stations to be built in his city over the next two years.