Folding Bicycles Cut Space and Pollution

Is Dad constantly on the go?

Enhance his ride by introducing him to the world of folding bicycles this Father’s Day. Bikes save on parking, reduce pollution and are a great way to fit regular exercise into a hectic schedule. Folding bikes make transporting and storing the bike easier and are often accepted where regular bikes are not, such as in apartment or office buildings, or on mass transit.

A folding bike—or “folder”—is a bicycle that can be compressed to a smaller size, usually by folding or stretching its components, completely tool-free. Unfolded, the bikes function as normal, full-sized bicycles.

Juan Marquez, managing director of Pacific Europa Limited, an international bicycle designer workshop, says that a folder is perfect for Dad because it is “something he can take with him everywhere: commute to work, on holiday, etc.” Folders can even help Dad de-clutter the garage.

Founded in 1971, Pacific Europa has its headquarters in the United Kingdom but makes its products internationally available through its website,

Switching to a bicycle or folder may benefit the larger community as well. Pacific Europa points out that if more commuters bicycled, “taxes could be reduced because governmental costs would decrease in terms of highway and roadway maintenance, construction and infrastructure, traffic control and manpower.”

As for the environment, the benefits of riding a bike instead of a gas-powered vehicle may be obvious. Automobiles are the single largest source of air pollution in the United States, the website cites, and an average four-mile round-trip bike commute prevents nearly 15 pounds of auto air pollution from contaminating the air. Since the average commuting speed in the United States is less than 35 mph, riding to work may help Dad save time and the environment.

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