Turn Your Entire BBQ Green, From Firing to Clean-Up

Though it goes without saying, the grill is the most important part of any barbecue. All of the food your family eats comes into contact with the grill as it’s transformed into a delectable summer meal. So it’s important to mind what else touches the grill, particularly harsh chemicals that might be toxic.

Green Earth Technologies has found a way to turn every step of your summer barbecue green and all-natural, though, with its G-FUEL™ Charcoal Lighter Fluid and G-CLEAN™ Grill & Surface Cleaner.

Instead of using old-fashioned matches or regular, toxic lighter fluid to fire up the charcoal in your grill, try the G-FUEL™ Lighter Fluid, which is made solely from food grade oils. The biodegradable and environmentally safe formula ignites quickly and easily, and burns clean, leaving no odor or after taste.

The G-CLEAN™ Grill & Surface Cleaner is a heavy-duty cleaner that is made with American-grown base oils, removing the toughest baked-on grease, dirt and food particles, while leaving a lasting shine that shields the surface for future cooking. Even better, lifting the grease and residue becomes easier after each usage. Since the formula is both organic and biodegradable, it can be used on all food-contact surfaces and won’t harm grass, plants, pets or ground water.

These products and others from Green Earth Technologies are available exclusively at The Home Depot. Visit www.getg.com for more information and have a safer, greener barbecue this season!