‘Superfood Cuisine’ Full of Super Goodness

Photo Credit: Julie Morris

If you’re looking for a cookbook that offers more than traditional recipes and ingredients, then you’re in luck thanks to Julie Morris and her non-traditional cookbook ‘Superfood Cuisine: Cooking with Nature’s Most Amazing Foods’ that presents an eco-friendly, yet delicious lifestyle.

Filled with more than the average cookies, cakes and casseroles, Morris’ new cookbook provides not only organic and natural ways to transform your meals and diet, but a way to create a whole new form of life.

As Morris says, “This is not your ordinary cookbook. But then again, superfoods are not your ordinary ingredients.”

When first starting the book, thoughts ran through my head like “what is a superfood?” You’ll be glad to know that it is not a “grape with a cape,” as Morris explains early on.  She simply defines the term “as a natural food containing an exceptionally high nutrient density, as well as phytochemicals and antioxidants.” Basically, foods that have been used for thousands of years within cultures worldwide that provides rejuvenation and natural energy.

Now, this isn’t your mundane cookbook. From offering advice to detailing history to just being overall informational, Morris brings a uniqueness to the kitchen. The vibrant and colorful, and no I don’t just mean the images (which I might add Morris photographed), details and ingredients create a masterpiece of cooking and food immersed together.

Black Bean Hemp Patties Photo Credit: Julie Morris

It also helps that Morris has a wonderful witty sense of humor drawing the reader into the universe of superfoods. She ensures that her readers understand what they are eating and putting into their bodies. The last time I read a cookbook that explained what I was actually ingesting was, well never.

Morris is determined to get her audience to “feel good” about their food and see they can achieve that through superfoods. She provides a “Superfood Substitution Cheat Sheet” and an “Ingredient Resource Guide” to help guide readers in the superfood direction.

With over 100 recipes including breakfasts, soups, salads, entrees, sides, snacks, sweets and drinks, the options are infinite. She has created variations on traditional favorites like ‘Cabbage-Pomegranate Slaw,’ ‘Garden Lasagna’ and ‘Cacao Fudge Pops.’

When finished reading, these historical, functional, medicinal and nutrient density filled superfoods sound delightful!

Superfoods might just be the new trend in our diets and lifestyles.

Morris’ dedication shines throughout and it’s obvious she loves what she does; doesn’t love make everything better?

-Allyson Koerner