Holiday Eco-Pet Gift Guide

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, that only means Christmas is right around the corner, along with shopping! To get ahead of the gift buying game, we will be providing tips on eco-friendly holiday gifts to make your season that much more enjoyable. To start off, here are some eco-pet gifts that your dog and/or cat will truly love!

Captain David Bill and his Island Time Pet Toys and Accessories is a unique and eco-friendly site that provides 100 percent natural nautical pet products. All are handmade in the U.S. and use the finest of materials such as 100 percent cotton, American-made, non-toxic rope. Be sure to check out just a few of the products that you can give your pet on Christmas Day!

Hopefully, these pet products provide a fun, yet eco-conscious idea for you and your pets this holiday season. Trust us when we say your pet won’t be able to take their teeth, claws and paws off of these sustainable toys and accessories!

-Allyson Koerner