Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Holiday Tips

As our reduce, reuse, recycle holiday series continues, be sure to read the following green gifting ideas!

Green Holiday Tip #3: Gifting

Gift giving is a gift in itself, especially when you give a meaningful gift to your loved ones and their faces light up! You have to admit though wrapping all those presents can be a pain. It takes quite a bit of time and then all you do is throw out the wrapping, tissue paper, bows and ribbons, which in turn is a waste! Check out these fun green tips to make gift giving that much better. Oh and yes, you and Santa will thank us!

1. Instead of wasting gift materials, just save the wrapping paper, bows, boxes and bags for next year. It’s as easy as pie! Obviously, you won’t be able to save it all, especially if the kiddos are so excited they rip the paper to shreds, but it’s the small stuff that counts.

2. Replace paper with fabric. Go to the store and buy fabric; this way you can reuse it every year and save yourself money on buying wrapping paper. It’s also a nice change from the traditional packages!

3. Another fun, eco-friendly way to wrap presents is by using old Christmas cards. We receive cards after cards, so to get good use of them, turn them into a new, trendy style of wrapping paper! It can also be a fun activity for the kids.

4. Lastly, instead of shipping gifts to family and friends you won’t see for the holidays, send virtual gift cards! This way you can save materials, fuel, energy and money for postage! It’s quick, easy and eco-friendly.

-Allyson Koerner