Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Holiday Tips

Photo Credit: Flickr/gbrunett

The holiday season is about spending time with loved ones, eating delicious food and just having plain old fun. Unfortunately, there is a downside. The mass amounts of food and wrapping paper (to name just a few) contribute in the production of waste, waste and more waste. This year, to help you help the environment we will be providing tips all week long on how you can reduce, reuse and recycle. So, check back daily and learn how you can transform your holiday into a green one!

Green Holiday Tip #1: Decorating

Putting up the tree, lights and decorations takes time, energy and money, so why not change it up this year by using Mother Nature as your inspiration? Here are just a few simple, money saving, ways to make decorating that much easier!

1. Go for a nature walk or step into your backyard and see what nature has to offer in decorations. You can use pinecones, acorns, twigs, berries and so on to spruce up your house. If you have kids, this can be a fun activity for them to become artists and make their own ornaments, wreaths, and table decorations. The options are infinite!

2. Twinkling strands of lights really add oomph to a house for the holiday season, but are big on using up energy and shooting up the electric bill. Just by putting your lights on a timer or unplugging them when not in use you are one step closer to saving the environment!

3. Another tip is to swap decorations with friends and family by having a ‘Swap Décor’ party. Instead of throwing out old ornaments and decorations, exchanging is good for the environment, saves money and brings a new decorating style to your home!

-Allyson Koerner